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Do you want to experience the Highest Light and Consciousness?

Are you here to evolve to be the Highest version of YourSelf? And if so, what does this look like? It means stepping off the karmic wheel, moving out of drama, and releasing attachments that are holding us down and keeping us in lower frequency. Releasing the dross that has accumulated within our energy bodies, so that we can soar to the Heavens! We exist at many dimensional levels, and are using only a fraction of our Potential.. This needs to change, as we move into a New Era of Light ...... ♥ ♥ ♥

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM ME: I am empowered to help you to release All lower frequencies, to lift your vibrational field and expand your consciousness.. This will involve integrating your other Aspects, other parts of your Higher Self, so that you become ONE VAST Electromagnetic Field of LIGHT and LOVE.. This Divine Transformation will impact upon everyone and everything you connect with, lifting them in turn into higher versions of themselves. You will Deify everything you touch.. The Earth will rapidly become the Beautiful place it once was..

If this message speaks to your Heart, please get in touch.. I offer courses that will empower you to use the Highest Divine Energies that are available to mankind...

frequency and light


Bring you the fastest/highest energies that are available through ‘Frequency and Light Healing’ . To bring Light to your bodies, to help you to heal, and assist you in becoming ‘Masters of Time and Space’. Helping you to transcend All Laws and States of Being, and to transform All Matrices to Light, resulting in you embodying your Highest Light potential…



    • To book an attunement or activation,  please go to the ‘Book Now’ button in my website sidebar (or footer). When you click on this, you will see a list of options.. If you have received a discount code, just click the redeem button, and enter you code. You will then see the attunements that are discounted in the list. At this point you can then choose what you want to order, selecting a day/time, and make your payment. All bookings are made in your time zone, you do not need to calculate mine!..
    • If you are booking a Course, please click on the Course picture below, or go to the Courses page in the main menu … Thank you 
    •  Please note that no refunds will be given however, since I honour all appointments.. 


    • The Frequency and Light Healing  work is remote, and doesn’t require the use of Skype or telephone calls.. Initially, you will receive a booking confirmation. If you have any special requests, you can email me beforehand.. At some time after the session, I will email you with any feedback if appropriate.. 
    •  Please  note, that I do not offer clairvoyant services. I advise using your inner guidance, consulting your own guides or Higher Self Aspects, to determine whether you should receive my  courses or attunements.. Or even better, if my words make your energy field vibrate, then this is what has drawn you to me and this work… Thank you.. 


  •  Go to the sidebar (blog page) or footer to Book, Join My Mailing List for special offers, Subscribe to Advanced Spiritual Mastery videos on my ‘Odysee’  or ‘YouTube’ video channel, or to contact me . You can book any course directly at the button below. Thank you for your support…


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All courses provide you with the Highest 'Science of Light Technology' on Earth. The energy from these modalities is faster and higher than any other presently being offered. Click on the course pics below, or on the top navigation menu, thank you.
This is what some people are saying about their experience with these amazing energies. You can see more testimonials on the 'about page' and 'Gateway' page.
Lauren L

Lauren L

“I thank the Universe daily for guiding me to dearest Kira. She has been the ultimate catalyst that has helped me to remember who I am and what my purpose is, and it has been an honor to receive her healing courses. The energies of these systems have transformed my personal life, and my life as healer. Kira's modalities have also radically transformed the lives of my clients. From removing the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, to bringing clients out of deep despair and healing all forms of trauma, connecting with Kira has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life. Not only is she a powerful healer, she is a magnificent teacher. Thank you for all you have taught me, and continue to teach me. With abundant love and the deepest gratitude 🙏🏽 “

Jessica Alford

Jessica Alford

"I am learning so much through your teachings and videos..

Thank you for the work you are doing! I feel finding you and your work has been the greatest blessing for my spiritual growth yet!"

"I fully embrace my spiritual journey as part of my life path now more so than before.

The more I seek the more I find😊. It’s like finding pieces of the puzzle and putting them together!"

Kim Hunt

Kim Hunt

“ I found Kira and her amazing technologies, after having had stage 4 breast cancer. Having a Matrix Removal, was one of the best things I ever did. Immediately I felt at peace & a few days later a substantial increase in physical energy which has not subsided. The coup de grace was the cancer test results. A few weeks later every oncology marker was normal. This was life-changing & I would recommend working with Kira to all who wish to experience a health transformation. You will find Kira to be a very gifted, sensible, open-hearted and positive soul who is empowering others daily"

April McBride

April McBride

"I wanted to be sure that I let you know how very grateful I am for all of your work with me and, also, the Planet, in general.
My life is forever changed; Thank you."

Much Love


Beth Clifford

Beth Clifford

"I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am to find you and the 'Book Of Life' and all your teachings and healings - all my cells buzzed in harmony. I felt a great celebration inside. ❤️

Thank you deeply
This was the best thing I ever did... Thank you so so much. "

Natashia Bayer

Natashia Bayer

"The energies from these systems have taken my work to a whole new level. They are off the scale!.. I can't thank the Universe enough for guiding me to you"


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