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3rd eye technology belongs to the Ancients, to the shamanic tribes of old. These were people who possessed a powerful inner wisdom and knowledge of life. They were taught the practices by their holy men, who knew the ways of Spirit well. These practices led to an increase in abundance for the tribes, and a life of relative ease. The nature of the Universe was known to them, and the significance of all life. They lived in a world of harmony, resulting from the cooperation with Universal Law. This was a time of greatness, of inner and outer peace, a time of prosperity and wellbeing.

This Ancient knowledge is being returned to you now, to help you to evolve to the next level of Being. This technology will bring in a new era for mankind, and will signal the dawn of a new reality. You will begin to discover more about your energetic make up, and the fact that you are energy beings, first and foremost.3rd eye, crop The energetic nature of your world has been overlooked, and been viewed largely as a compliment to your existence, instead of your real existence. You will come to know yourselves as energy beings, beings of energy and consciousness, part of an infinite sea of energy, that you call ‘Life’. To the degree that you recognize this, will come your freedom. The realization that you are not locked into any solid patterning or form, will free your mind and consciousness to explore your reality, and how it is expressing itself within your field of awareness. Thus it is that changes can be made, and new realities implemented. New ideas can flourish in this atmosphere of greater potential, and new paths forged for humanity. You are on the brink of major discoveries, which will have huge implications for you all.

The use of 3rd eye technology will become widely known as a new science, though it is in fact an old one. It will come into being with exciting developments in the field of medicine. Major life threatening illnesses will be cured, thus increasing your lifespan dramatically. A whole new world is being born, one of tremendous change and exciting possibility. The dark days will be gone, banished by the light that is revealing this wisdom to you. You are on the edge of a major breakthrough, that will set the world buzzing, and turn science upon it’s head. This will begin to take effect soon, with the pioneers that have been chosen for this work. The world is now ready for this knowledge, and the dawning of the era of the Super Sciences!