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The Earth’s systems are breaking down. This applies to all systems from social, economic, ecological etc.. The 3D matrix is being unplugged from the Hologram. The degradation in your ecosystems is irrevocable, and the inevitable decay can only be prolonged for a time.. It is predicted that the 3D matrix will be defunct within the next 10-20 years or so..

But you all knew this when you came.. All inhabitants are presented with the choice to move into lightbody, or not. Even the animals and wildlife, many of which are now deciding to leave the Earth Plane.. The EM pollution, contamination of your water supplies, the food you eat, and the air you breathe, is playing a part in the closing down of this matrix.. You have all participated in creating this state of affairs, albeit unknowingly for some of you, through your soul’s guidance.. Whether these events be the result of karma, or just soul choice, the outcome will be the same..

There is now a huge push towards completion of this matrix game. This is a catalyst for the ascension momentum, that most are now feeling.. At the very pinnacle of this momentum, a new key player has entered the game – the 5G network, and transhumanism agenda. This is no coincidence, it is the proverbial nail in the coffin so to speak, and marks the rapid decline of the current system..

Those that are still focused in the 3D mindset, should follow their hearts and souls, and act upon any guidance they receive, even if this is to oppose the current status quo, through petitions and protests. In this way you will be widening the window of opportunity, that may allow more souls the time to choose ascension.. But know this, this window of opportunity will eventually close, along with the old paradigm, as the new is born.. These experiences are but the birth pains of a wonderful new reality. This is the way of all birth on the Earth Plane, and cannot be otherwise.. How you interpret the signs and signals, is a matter of individual choice.. Be true to yourselves, and your highest expression of the light, in whatever way this manifests, and you will be playing out your role as divinely intended…