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This is a time of Great Importance in the Evolution of Humanity and the Whole of Creation itself.

Momentous changes are taking place from the Core Level of Existence, that will catapult us into new ways of being and new experiences of Our Selves as Quantum Beings of Light, existing simultaneously in All Dimensional Realities.

We can be likened to icebergs, whose principal mass lies hidden underneath, presently revealing only a small reflection of what we truly ARE, and what we are truly CAPABLE OF, on the surface.

The changes that are occurring will give rise to new talents, the release of latent gifts from other parts of our energy matrix relating to our other Aspects.

Consciousness is set to explode to a level never New Earthbefore seen on this planet. The environment for this is fertile, due to the groundwork that other Lightworkers and myself have been putting in, establishing a firm and lasting foundation and platform for change.

Many of you have been working diligently to pave the way for what is to come, knowing intuitively from Our Divine Heart, the wonders that await us. My Heartfelt thanks and Love go out to you All, for being your Amazing Selves, and for truly making a difference ! ……. KI-RA