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The sum total of your experiences upon planet Earth, have shaped your destiny. They have helped your relative consciousness to expand, to a place of ‘Oneness’. The rays of the ‘Spiritual Mind’ have been beating down upon you, in an attempt to illuminate this consciousness. This illumination takes place over time, and cannot be forced. This gradual illumination has brought forth the laws of your societies, and your humanitarianism.

The Soul is ever reaching for the Light. On this planet, there are so many diverse levels of attainment, that you will encounter souls at different stages of their evolution. It is thus that the dynamics of Karma are played out upon the world’s stage. Do not judge your brother when his best is your worst, as you were once in his shoes!

Everything is law in operation. To rise above the law, you must first play your part. You must allow yourself to be played upon by the forces, as an instrument is played upon, until you become finely tuned, and are vibrating to the ‘Song of Life’, as a part of the divine orchestra. Play your part well. Your growing awareness will be challenging at times, especially as you move ever closer to integration and oneness. The heightened states that are required for this integration to take place, will leave you feeling super sensitive to the energies and emotional forces around you. This is the state of the empath, who feels every emotion, as if it were his own. It is however a necessary part of your progression to Oneness Consciousness, and serves you well in this respect.

This is now a time for Mastery, for many of you. You have passed through the kindergarten phase, into the adolescent phase, and are now ready to reclaim your sovereignty and power, as beings of light. It is time to rise above the law, to be the law itself. To be the fully conscious Creator, consciously shaping your own destiny, within the light fields. There is so much more to life, that you have yet to discover…