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We are all ascending to the Christed level of Being along with our beautiful planet Gaia. But what does this actually mean for you and I? What changes will take place in our lives? What impact will these changes have upon us at a personal level? Will this be a radical overhaul of life as we know it, or will it be a seamless transition to a better way of living?

No doubt many of you have been asking such questions, and there will be those of you that are anxious about the implications of this change. None of us like to have change forced upon us do we, we all like to think that we have some measure of control over our lives. But in the great scheme of things, especially where our souls are concerned, this is pretty much an illusion. When it comes to Soul Planning, the plans for our lives are made at a deeper less conscious level of Being, so we may be totally unaware of the changes that are planned for us. We are told that everything of course works for our Highest Good, but this may not always be a reassuring thought, especially so if our lives are suddenly in turmoil, a partner has left us, a loved one has passed away, or we have been made redundant from our job. It can feel as though the very ground beneath us is shaking and coming apart.

I’d like to give you here words of reassurance and comfort that stem from my own personal experience. Before I had my Spiritual Birth( Kundalini release) in 1982, every area of my life seemed to go into meltdown. Friends disappeared, a long time partnership dissolved, and the company that I was working for went into liquidation, these were the physical meltdown symptoms. The sudden onset of these unwanted changes brought about an emotional and spiritual meltdown, which resulted in me being in the grip of ‘ fear’. Afraid to go out, then afraid to stay in, I was living in a twilight zone of escalating irrational fear. If I had known at a conscious level what my soul had planned, then I might have felt happier, or at least had some positive reassurance that there was in fact “Light” at the end of this dark tunnel. But at this time in our history, our deeper levels of Being were not so easily accessible, not as they are now, though it generally requires a stilling of the emotional mind/body to reach these levels. Thankfully this is what the Spiritual Birth does, it gives us control over our emotional self, and a Peace and stability that absolutely Nothing or No one can ever take from us. Having come out the other side, I can now truly say with complete conviction that everything does work for our “Highest Good.”Book Of Life cover

The Spiritual Birth I discovered, is just one phase of our evolutionary path. The next phase is the Awakening of our Christ Consciousness. This I began to experience as my Lightbody became active in 2006, and I was soon able to see into the 5th dimension, which is where we are all headed. I can tell you that it is a dimension of beautiful golden light since everything and everyone is vibrating at a higher frequency. Harmony and Love prevails here, disease and death are no more. This is destined to be our legacy as we each alter our own frequency to this level. Our Divine Mother/Father has given us a unique tool to help us, the “BOOK OF LIFE”. By using the “Book Of Life”, we can activate our Christ Grid which will put us individually and collectively into a state of “CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS”, the next phase of our development. Blessings to you all…..Kira