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The ‘Atlantis Crystal Course’, is comprised currently of two downloads from two powerful crystals. There are actually more, I’ve been told, however we only currently need to use these..

The Crystals connect energetically through the ‘Atlantis Crystal Portal’. You need to have the Atlantis Grid and its geometry within your DNA, in order for you to be able to connect. This will be installed during the downloads. Once installed, you will be able to transmit the energy of these powerful Crystal Beings!

The first Crystal I’m told, is able to heal anything.. The second Crystal is designed to clear dross out of our energy field, creating a purifying effect.. Both work together for maximum efficiency, to lighten our energetic load and assist us in moving into our higher Lightbodies..

Your initial booking will secure the first download. Afterwards I will send you a code to book the second one.. Your Atlantis Crystal Course price is £250. Please book below ♥

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