From the ‘B’ Collective:
“We are encoding you to change the form of any living thing… Your energy field will hold the keys to Great Change for all of Mankind.. This type of restructuring has never been performed before.. You are the very first to attempt this….


The Matrix of All Life is made up of atomic particles, which form bonds to create matter. Throughout your life, these bonds have been severed, and through electrical attraction and molecular exciting, new bonds have been formed.. Thus it is that the atomic nature of the molecule is changed, thereby altering the whole biology of form..


Restructuring (Atomic Healing), is done through intention, by asserting the ‘Will’, in alignment with ‘Source’.. Thy Will then becomes your will, and the process of change is effortless.. The energy itself is a superconductor, which in effect sneaks up on the atoms, making them forget who they are, and sending them into a rapid spin. They then reverse and are transformed!


As a rule we have an atomic, genetic and karmic memory. We normally access this memory according to what we identify with.. If we develop a Cosmic Identity, we will have access to the limitless information and potential of the Cosmos..

We can however bypass the need for a cosmic identity, by tapping directly into the ‘Divine Intelligence’ of ‘Source’, which does not operate from memory, and is therefore boundless…” 


This course consists of 4 energy downloads, which relate to four of the platonic solids… the ‘Sphere’, the ‘Cube’, the ‘Pyramid’, and the ‘Tetrahedron’…  These are the necessary atomic building blocks of form..

I’m told that you will need to have received the ‘Ketheric Healing Course’ and ‘Plasma Light Course’ in order to be able to more fully connect with ‘Source’ for this type of healing… Book Your Course Now!  price £199

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