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As Divine Beings, we are a ‘Triad’ of ‘Energy’, ‘Light’ and ‘Consciousness’. Our energy fields are both electrical and magnetic. The Kundalini Awakening is both, (the electrical Male/Shiva , and the magnetic Female/Shakti).. Releasing the Kundalini conforms to the ‘Path of 7’… This is the activation of all 7 chakras, resulting in the Holy Union of the Male and Female, or Divine Marriage..


After having done this myself, I discovered that there was yet more spiritual growth to come.. This is the ‘Path of 12’, which involves an extra 5 multidimensional chakras.. Each chakra represents a DNA Strand. Ultimately All 12 strands are activated, which has the effect of immortalizing our atoms, and returning us to our Immortal Body of Light..


The Lightbody Attunements/Activations, are also designed to Activate our Lightbodies. From the Crystalline Lightbody (our individual crystallized bodies, as opposed to the 3D carbon units), to the Diamond Lightbody (our individual Higher Self body), to the Solar Lightbody (our collective Higher Self body).. You can book these from the gallery below (click on the picture).  You can also read about each one below the gallery..

The Gateway Energy (or Atlantis Gateway) also evolves us through all of the major Lightbody Levels… The ‘Golden Merkabah’ book will likewise activate our Lightbody at whatever level we are ready for.. 

So this is the Path of Awakening, to our true Divine nature… Please note, you can find more amazing tools, including the ’12 Template Code’ HERE  

  • The Higher Crystalline Attunement, is achieved through a Great Portal of Light, which lifts us to the heights of Crystalline Being…
  • Lady of the Lake Light Codes, These powerful light codes are being transmitted to you from a non dimensional light being who is beyond form and embodiment. They are designed to shift you to a much higher light matrix, expanding your energy field significantly, and shifting you quickly into resonance with the Highest Light. Your consciousness fields will undergo the same expansion … Please book Here, price £60
  • The Atlantis Attunements,  are a new offering which I have been prompted to give, considering the now substantial light levels here on Earth.. We are rapidly reaching a very high ‘light consciousness’, somewhat akin to that which was experienced at the height of ‘Atlantis’.. Many believe that ‘Atlantis’ was somehow inferior to ‘Lemuria’, or even ‘MU’.. This is however not the case, it was the highest level of Light Consciousness ever achieved by humanity, according to Metatron.. We are returning to this heightened state.. These attunements will assist us in this.. Please book yours, price £30
  • The Silverstar, is now out of frequency and no longer works at the quantum level. It shifts us rapidly out of dense states, especially emotional ones. It can shift us from desperation to bliss instantly! It contains the codes of ‘Atlantis’ that were used to build this high vibrational reality! It is also the light that was used by ‘The Shining Ones’ to evolve..
  • The  Diamond, and Solar Light, represent different ascension levels. The Diamond representing the building and activation of our 12th dimensional lightbody, or activation of its corresponding 12 strand DNA. The Solar Light has never been embodied, it represents the activation of the ultimate Lightbody, prior to merging with ‘Source’. It is the Lightbody of our Collective Higher Self..
  • The Toth Attunement, comes from the Galaxy of Toth, which is a 10th dimensional world near Mars.. 
  • The Dragon Light Grids, are etheric energetic codes. They have no form, being far beyond our level of existence. There is a code for Spiritual Growth, Health & Wellbeing, and Abundance. If you have a specific request, please email me, otherwise your Higher Self will choose… Book HERE (£40) 
  • Higher Dimensional Calibration.. This is a calibration using the numerical codes of Creation. It creates a Greater Light threshold within your matrix… 

  • Divine Fire Activation..  Due to the continual expansion of ‘Source’ there is another new energy on Earth and in the Cosmos.. It is a Higher crystalline energy/consciousness that will activate many new light levels, igniting the Fire of the ‘Divine Flame’ in All… Book your activation Here, price £60.. This Activation works to increase and expand the 3 flames of the Heart. When they reach a certain height, the Kundalini is released naturally…  


If you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you have more Kundalini Energy that needs to be released:-

Do you ever experience mood swings?….. Do you ever feel depressed? ….. Are you triggered emotionally by other people or situations? …. Is there anything or anyone you can’t live without?…. Do you experience Desires of any kind?… When we are triggered, strong emotions such as anger punch holes in our aura enabling the entrance of dark energy. Our auric field needs to be secure and healthy. 


Kundalini Activations:

I am offering a package of 3 Kundalini Activations for £80 only. These will be given in 3 separate sessions, on 3 different days.. It is important at this time in our evolution to become the Masters that we were meant to be, and to overcome the drama and limitations of the Earth plane… To book, please click on the picture… ♥