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There are those who are raising awareness of what is going on, and helping to lift the veil of secrecy, that has long shrouded this planet of ours, ( for example David Icke ).. There are others that are conscious creators of Realities, knowing them to be fluid, and open to change..

Both play a part in the Evolution of species, though their roles differ.. Awareness is the contrast, from  which we choose exactly what we DO WANT. Once we have chosen, we should turn our attention away from the dark.. The Universe is a responsive Hologram, which feeds back to us, the thoughts, programs, and belief systems, that we hold, creating our reality, second by second, as holographic frames of a video..

We are  the projectionist, and the actors, the Creator and its Creation, simultaneously.. Only focus on, and give energy to, what you want to create. In this way, we create a positive overlay, which will play itself out as a harmonious timeline.. Isn’t this what we truly want? Anything else, is focused victim consciousness.. We are only victims if we choose to be, if we fail to recognize our Divine Sovereignty….