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Welcome to Blueprint Reset the home of new Light Healing technology.

Blueprint resetting is designed to restore your matrices to perfect health and wellbeing. It can also remove any matrix that is causing ill health, i.e that of viruses, bacteria and cancer, and even remove a Past Life trauma matrix, since this is often the main cause of our ill health.


What is a matrix? A matrix is the building block of form, or its skeleton. Nothing can survive without a matrix.. Did you know that your matrices can be healed? Do you know that everything has a matrix, and that includes viruses and pathogens. Even emotional programs and patterns, traumas, fear, anxiety, abandonment, to name but a few have one. The list is as endless as we are!..


How a Matrix Healing works…

Energy comes first before geometry. The geometric structures are built upon energetic principles, each having its unique energy signature.. The codes represent the truest form of light. All matter is formed this way. All cellular bonds are created through these codes. Removing the codes dissolves the cellular bonds, and the fabric of light disintegrates, so that a new structure can be born. This is the way that ‘Matrix Healing’ works. All distortions are dissolved back into the Quantum Soup, from which they came.. Life is fluid and ever changing. Nothing is fixed. Any state of matter can be altered to a different state. This is the tool with which to accomplish this…


The Matrix of viruses can quickly be removed, since their atomic size is very small. This even includes deadly viruses such as SARS, Ebola, Aids.. In fact the results can be felt virtually instantly (please listen to the audio testimonials below)..The next in atomic size is bacteria, then tumours or growths, which generally take longer to dissolve…


I have been very busy removing the viruses in the last few years, as you can imagine. Even when a person was only given a 1% chance of survival by the medical profession, they survived once the virus matrix was removed! I can also remove the MRNA Spike Protein code.. I’ve been asked repeatedly to remove this code for people who have been experiencing issues after receiving the covid 19 jab, such as blood clots, mini strokes, heart issues. Often whole families have asked me to remove this code! This sounds very magical, but I assure you the technology of this process is sound…
To give you an idea of what the ‘Matrix Removal’ can be used upon, please see below(there are an infinite number of applications for this healing tool):-
  • viruses and pathogens
  • cancer
  • negative emotions, like fear, anger and anxiety
  • removes the emotional cause of conditions, promoting healing
  • removes anger, anxiety or guilt from the tooth matrix, ending decay
  • removes guilt from the skin matrix as a catalyst to heal auto-immune issues such as psoriasis
  • removes Soul Traumas, both from the past and present
  • removes the unforgiveness matrix responsible for conditions such as arthritis 


This removal is also successful on children’s illnesses, such as mumps, measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever etc. It can also be used on pets.. Since there is no cure for instance for feline leukemia, as they cannot successfully give blood transfusions to cats, the leukemia matrix can be removed. Your cat doesn’t have to be showing signs of this disease. I check mine periodically, having lost one to this illness some years ago..    

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More Testimonials:-

“  I came across Kira and her amazing technologies, after having had stage 4 breast cancer. Her healing gift made perfect sense to me. If there was a way to determine the configuration of our original healthy body system and introduce that configuration in to a body that wasn’t working at it’s optimum the body would naturally recalibrate to its original healthful state.. Having a Matrix Removal,  was one of the best things I ever did. Immediately I felt a peace & a few days later a substantial increase in physical energy which has not subsided. The coup de grace was the cancer test results. A few weeks later every oncology marker was normal. This was life-changing & I would recommend working with Kira to all who wish to experience a health transformation. You will find Kira to be a very gifted, sensible, open-hearted and positive soul who is empowering others daily”… Kim Hunt 
“I felt a peace and excitement for what is to come, previously I had high anxiety and constant fear of what the future holds.  It is as though fear and anxiety have no place in my existence any longer.  Any fear thoughts that come up I can immediately release them now without them escalating to a perpetual cycle… Thank you, thank you, thank you for this gift. I am beyond grateful”.. Emma Mathers

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Here you will find your personal Blueprint Healing Service, as opposed to the ‘one size fits all’ approach by traditional medicine. Your Blueprint is like a fingerprint, it is unique to you, being formed by our Creator as an individual expression of itself, containing the original codes for ‘Health and Wellbeing’.. Every single part of the body has its own unique matrix, which can be reset/recalibrated back to its Divine Blueprint.. Please note that the whole body cannot be reset/blueprinted in one session. This is because this method of healing is target specific. Each matrix has to be drawn by myself, and filled with the codes which I receive from my/our Higher Self..

Over time and through our experiences in density, our template codes have become corrupted. They have either changed or are missing altogether from the ‘cellular matrix ‘… Blueprinting, is an invaluable tool for the renewal and regeneration of our ailing bodies.. For those of you who are following a Spiritual Path, you can also have your Pineal Gland blueprinted, also the Vagus Nerve, Occipital Lobe, and  Pituitary Gland etc.. You can book your Blueprints below:-

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  Some blueprinting testimonials:-

“After a pineal recalibration,  I was getting vivid dreams.. My sleeping has also improved a lot. When I do sleep I am getting a much deeper sleep than before which is amazing as I had turned into a proper insomniac. So once again thank you for offering this help… Lots of love…” Lesley Ann


“I feel like my third eye and crown are recalibrating and opening… I did something today I have never done before.  I posted my experience of energies on my FB page.  Posting about this publicly is something I would never have done before for fear of backlash or judgement from those not ready to receive the information.  I did it without fear of what others will think about me..” Emma Mathers   


“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kira.. The cravings and the eternal hunger are gone!!  I feel so relieved, and  feel normal in the food path for the first time in my life.. To me this is a miracle! You have to be magical!! Even the blood sugar was much lower, and I am losing weight.. This has to be the Greatest News for the World… recalibration.. Wow! ”… Aase Krogh 


“I felt the energy coming in, and felt very at home in it. After,I felt that my form dissolved and I became a vibrating mass of light particles… this went on for a while… and then I felt like every particle was organized back into form again. It was like energy just flowed through and kept flowing, making me feel very comfortable in my skin” … Inger Arnes 


“Thank you so much for the amazing session. I could sure feel the waves of energy coming thru, my head felt like an open cup with blue light energy coming thru in waves… I felt the whole time you were working on me. The session was totally awesome, and you’re amazing!! … Very much appreciated!! .. Brenda Jones
“Since a liver recalibration, I can take breaths more easily, so that’s great! .. Also, I think that due to my recalibration, I had a HUGE emotional shift, an outpouring. It came as a surprise as I wasn’t aware I felt this, and was surprised that I have been still carrying those feelings around since childhood, having thought that I had dealt with them.  I am so grateful that you are able to offer this help” … Lesley Ward Hinkson

Timeline Re-imprinting:-

Throughout time and our journeys through density, our matrices become corrupted, largely due to our responses to traumatic timeline events..

As a species we adapt to changing conditions, our DNA will alter in response to not only our external  environment, but also to our internal one, that of our emotions, thought habits and inner programs…

Long held emotions affect the physical body as they become infused into the cellular matrix if not dealt with quickly. They fester and cause disease (lack of ease)..

One way to restore the DNA to health is to re-imprint it, this involves infusing our current DNA with the code of our Healthy DNA, or the DNA from a timeline where we are in perfect health. This by the way can include the DNA from our Future Selves! This is an excellent way to bring restoration and renewal to our vehicles..

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Here is what people are saying about this:-

“Wow Kira, that one was really powerful. I felt many waves throughout my body and a strong buzzing in and around my mouth. Then.. all I can describe as a flashing on and off of myself. In form then out of form. A huge magnetic type feeling in my third eye. All in all it was wonderfully powerful. I enjoyed the energy!
Thank you so much” 💖💞💖Beth C

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