matrix recalibration


Everything is written in code first. Our DNA is encoded, as is our Hologram and holographic field. Each part of our bodies has its own individual matrix or grid system, which includes these codes, as per our original design.

Every matrix contains a type of numerical code system. These are the building blocks of form and matter. All structures in the Universe are built upon these dynamics. The laws of the Universe themselves, respond to these. They are our signature codes for expression.

The transference of these codes into your energy matrix, will restart your biological interface, which will have the effect of restoring it to its original template design, erasing all subsequent signatures, that have been developed over time.

Any of the accumulated dross within your fields, will dissolve, as it is out of alignment with the basic signature codes. This is a good way of erasing your templates, and beginning anew. This is New Earth medicine, the treatment of the Future. There are no physicians in the future. YOU are your own physician. The power is yours to heal and restore yourselves! Only one recalibration healing is required per issue. Book your healing NOW! Special offer price, £50.  

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“What I felt was the energy coming in, and I felt very at home in it, 
After a short while I felt like my form dissolved and I became a vibrating mass of light particles…this went on for a while,,and then it felt like every particle was organized back into form again. 
Then it was like the energy just flowed through and kept flowing, making me feel very comfortable in my skin”…. Inger Arnes

The testimonial below, is from Brenda who was very inspired to ask for her pineal gland to be recalibrated to its original matrix!

“Thank you so much for the amazing session.
I could sure feel the waves of energy coming thru, my head felt like an open cup with blue light energy coming thru in waves.

I felt the whole time you were working on me.
The session was totally awesome and you are amazing!!

Very much appreciated!!”…. Brenda Jones

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