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The answer in short is YES! … We can heal ourselves and others, using the highest possible frequencies available to us now.. These frequencies are to be found within the ‘Gateway Systems‘, which are quantum energy systems from other timelines. As timelines merge, these advanced systems have become available to us, from the quantum realms.

Their energies respond rapidly to the needs of our vibration, enabling us to absorb more light, in the form of quantum codes, that trigger changes deep within us, from beyond the subatomic levels of existence.. The very nature of our Being is altered, as this light information speaks to our DNA, changing redundant programs that no longer serve us, the programs of decay, weakness, and dis-ease. vibration

New programs are installed within the DNA, which give us greater longevity, wellbeing, and overall empowerment. We become stronger, healthier, happier, the way we were meant to be. Our energy systems are modified, in alignment with the highest frequencies. Our life force flows more quickly through us, bringing with it a quickening of our vibration, resulting in a lifting in density, and an expansion within the consciousness fields. Greater awareness comes to us, as our thought habits are realigned with the principles of Harmony and Wholeness, the Divine Phi ratio. We are lifted out of density, into the faster frequency fields, where we can bring through more of our Divine Nature into Expression.

These energies are quick, simple to use, and effective, as harbingers of our Highest Good. They will increase our vibration exponentially, assisting in a mass awakening… You can visit the Gateway Systems HERE

GREAT NEWS! The Gateway Energy reached critical mass point on 11/7/2019.. This means that the energy will become viral! It will pass from person to person automatically transforming each one into the higher crystalline consciousness. All who come into contact with this energy, will now become transmitters and beacons of Light!