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As Creators, we are continually creating either consciously, or by default, in response to our inner programs and beliefs….

In reality, we create moment by moment, outpicturing exactly what is in our consciousness, or that which we are aware of….

Quantum Physics tells us that particles (things), don’t exist until we consciously focus on something and allow it into our field of Awareness. Prior to this, it is simply a wave of energy. Energy comprises everything….Timeline blog pic

Because we are all vibrating at different levels of awareness, this outpicturing takes the form of many images, some positive, and some negative, which are continually presenting themselves to our consciousness for acceptance….

If we accept the ideas and images of selfishness, corruption, exploitation and suppression, this will become our reality, through quantum law….

Refusing to accept these miasmas into our consciousness, isn’t irresponsible denial. Yes these states do exist, but do they have to exist on OUR TIMELINE?!

Whenever we make a choice, individually or collectively, we change our timeline….

Can we NOW collectively say ” I choose a Timeline of Peace, Prosperity, Harmony and Wellbeing “, and if we see these miasmas, can we also say “This is NOT my Timeline !”