Our children are special, they are our future.. Special children have special needs.. The education system often seems to fail in their attempts to adequately teach children the necessary basics that they need to know in order to both survive and to thrive, in this world.. These systems are set up primarily to teach (put information into, our children’s brains), usually the information that is socially acceptable, and conforms to the status quo…

It is my belief that we all have exactly what we need already within us, much like the seed contains the essentials for its growth, and only requires a fertile environment in which to grow and flourish.. This is not recognized by the educational system, and so many talents which lie dormant, waiting to be awoken, fall by the wayside, and are overridden by the 3D programs that are put in place..



We are living in extraordinary times, and are experiencing many challenges as the current systems on our world start to collapse, to make way for something infinitely better.. The children are caught in between the old failing systems, and the newly emerging ones. Many have been diagnosed by our so called professionals as having ADHD, attention deficit disorder, autism, dyslexia, and other states of mind that do not fit with the system, and thus are considered to be problem children.. 

From a more spiritual point of view, many of our children are more evolved, and because of this, cannot comprehend the way things work here.. Their brain interface is not wired in the same way, so they are constantly struggling to adjust, instead of being allowed to grow and evolve in their own natural way..

I am a professionally trained psychologist (hypnotherapist), who has moved into energy healing.. Recently I have begun working with children, in order to help them to adjust to these changes, and overcome the current challenges that they are facing, applying the healing energy sessions, which I am known for.. Their response has been wonderful, and I am so happy to be of service to these little ones.. If your children are exhibiting signs of distress, emotional imbalance, such as anger, depression, frustration and despair, I can help them. Not to be good citizens, but to be who they are meant to be, helping them to release their gifts, and shine a light in this world, since this is what they came here for……. To book a package of 3 sessions, price £75, please click Here… For only 1, click here



Here is what one Mother has said about the effect of these energy sessions on her children:-

“So far I have booked a few sessions for my son, 6 yr. After the first session he went out, grabbed his bike and was able to bike for the first time without stabilisers. The healing had helped him overcome the fear of hurting himself.

For the past year my son has struggled with phonics in school – the sounds just wouldn’t stay in his head. We practiced a lot at home and he even got extra sessions at the school.
Two days after his second session with Kira, his teacher asked me what had happened. He had passed his year one phonics test with flying colours.
As a Mum I’m very thankful and relieved that my son doesn’t have to struggle in school. As a math and science teacher I’m happy to know that students can get help and don’t have to be beaten down by a school system, which atm isn’t capable of helping the students at the deeper levels. 

I can highly recommend Kira and the healings she is offering <3″….. Juliane Skottfelt