Your multidimensional vehicles are energy vehicles, each having a link to the Monad. These vehicles are energy systems in themselves, and represent many different levels of expression.

The Chakric system is a highly developed network of light portals, which connect you to other realms. These are the realms of lesser density, existing within the fields of expression. They serve to enlighten you, and awaken you, to other potentials, and to alternate realities. Without this network of portals, you would not become empowered, as the immortal beings off light that you are.

Each chakra portal connects with many levels of being. The energetic frequencies of the chakra, are therefore affected by those states of being. Since you have chosen chakrasto experience many things, to explore the polarities of existence, it is inevitable that your chakras will from time to time, become blocked by dross from the alchemical process of transformation. The experiences of dark and light take their toll upon your energy systems, often leading to a shutdown of the portals, as you are trying to process the energies.

You are a multilayered being, each having its own energetic imprint. This imprint or template, becomes distorted by the gross energies, whereby all other aspects are affected, since you are One whole being. Thus it is of paramount importance, to assist your chakra portals in clearing out the heavy energies. In this way, you will have a free flow of divine energy through your cellular structures, allowing them to experience perfect health and wellbeing, which is your Divine birthright. Please subscribe to my videos, to receive an instruction video on this…