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We are living in a time of exceptional change. Our potential for growth is enormous. Over the last half a century, we have made huge technological advancements, which are reflected in our current way of life. Our standard of living has improved dramatically, both directly and indirectly as a result of the use of these technologies in our daily lives.

But there is more to come, much more. We can push the envelope much further, taking us into a new era of Light Technology. The advancements that will be made, have already tried to surface through the minds of scientists such as Nikola Tesla, but the Earth wasn’t ready for these technologies. Too many people were focused upon the old ways of doing things, and tried to fit these new found ideas into predictable boxes.cfts crop

Thankfully the climate has now changed, and we are all more open to new ideas, and new frequencies of light. This is mainly due to the large scale upgrading of our energy fields, which is currently taking place on the planet. The frequencies coming to us from the Galactic Centre, are now very intense, and are causing discomfort for those who are not in alignment with them. In order to successfully upgrade our energy fields, we need to cooperate with these energies to the fullest degree, and incorporate them into our energy matrix.

We are not however alone in this Evolutionary surge. The whole of the Cosmos is being affected by these energies, which are making their impact felt upon all beings, even those of a higher/ faster vibratory rate than ours. These beings due to their more evolved consciousness, recognize that All Life is ‘One’ , and because of this, wish to help us with our transformation. Over eighty beings of Light have come forwards, volunteering their invaluable help and services at this crucial stage of our growth cycle.

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