This book is a collection of channeled messages from ‘Lightbeings’, Collectives, Galactic Councils, Archangels, and Starbeings. Many have come forwards to add their wisdom and suggestions in support of Humanity, at this crucial phase in our growth. Beings such as Archangel Michael, Archangel Jophiel, Salusa from Sirius, Yeshua, The twelfth dimensional  Yeshua Collective, The Council of One, The Procyon Council, and many more. All offer their Love, advice, and help, unconditionally.

communications from the stars

The offerings in this book, come in the form of information, advice, specific techniques to practice, and requests for us to enlist our help in bringing in this huge Cosmic Wave of Consciousness. If we all engage in this objective, it will make our planet’s transition to the New Reality much easier ………. Bless You All …. x

communications from the stars
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