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The quality of our thought, determines our vibration.. Thoughts can be seeds or like viruses in the mind. Our mind is an interface with this reality, and with the Higher Realms.. We cannot simultaneously hold thoughts about a dystopian reality here, and hold a Higher Light Consciousness. The two are not bedfellows, they are not compatible or an energy match..

Our mental interface holds the keys to the higher realities. They are triggered into being through the mind portal.. Even the ability to switch on the ‘Kundalini’ energy, or activate our Higher Lightbody, can be successfully accomplished through the mind..

Yet the mind is a breeding ground for weeds, which can have a stranglehold on the new thoughts of purity that arise, cutting off their life force before they fully germinate and can take root within us.. Our focused attention draws these thought viruses into the mind, if we are unaware of the mechanics of form. Each one is a living entity, that will attract more of its own kind, and invite them to live within us..

Everything starts with us. Our outer world can only be in chaos if our inner one is likewise.. The responsibility lies with the individual, to create their own version of Heaven on Earth. When a percentage of us are creating a heavenly experience, this will become the norm for all, regardless of the ‘Service to Self’ agendas that have been playing out upon our world.. Our reality is being created moment by moment, and is not a fixed expression of what truly is.. Change must start within, if we are to embrace the higher light fields of consciousness.. Observation is key, what we observe we create. The wave does not become a particle until it is observed. The very act of seeing creates form.. We should see with the inner eye that is focused upon love, purity, and harmony, rather than the outer one that registers only disharmony and discord.. WE are the CREATORS  of HEAVEN or HELL, the architects of our Reality…