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I am here to assist you with the crystalline body transition. To help your energy bodies to download more of the crystalline light, which leads to this transition. All are going through this process, it is inevitable, and unavoidable. None can escape these changes, lest they shed their physical form, and transition to another third dimensional reality, which better suits their soul plan and purpose.


As the light frequencies increase in intensity, it becomes harder to remain here, and those of you who have chosen this path, will need to stay in alignment with these light fields, and the fields of ‘Source’ resonance. Your presence is needed upon this sphere, that you call Earth. It is a living entity which requires your assistance in this Ascension process. All carbon based life forms will be upgraded to the silicate level of expression and density. This has been decreed by your Higher Self expressions, long ago, when a way was sought to fuel a massive change in the evolutionary structure of life. You are at the leading edge of this change, the pioneers of light transitions. You have done this many times before, with success.

I have given you the tools to aid your transition, from other timelines that have successfully made the shift, and currently bask in the crystalline light frequencies… The tools at your disposal will bring profound changes to your energy matrix.. These are the Gateway Systems, the Ketheric System, and the  Blueprint Reset (Recalibration) System. All work to the same end. To purify and lighten your expressions, to release the density that is holding you back from experiencing a greater expansion and elevation… New systems are coming online continually, to meet your needs and growth, such as the new ‘Plasma Light System’ .. Enlist the help of  the Activators Here, who have been empowered with these systems, and you will easily ride the Ascension Wave, and the Cosmic Waves of Transformation.