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The ‘Diamond Light Matrix’ , is a new energy matrix, filled with the potential of the Diamond Ray. It energizes all beings, and transmutes them into finer crystalline forms of energy, so they can transcend the limits set, by the previous energy matrices. This is all part of a natural state of Evolution.. The introduction of the ‘Diamond Light Matrix’, was always an intended part of the Universal Plan, once a sufficient crystal consciousness, had been achieved.

The energy of all beings is inherently crystalline in nature, as this allows for the highest concentration of ‘Light’ within each cell. The format varies with each new structure, in accordance with the laws of geometry. Many and varied are the forms that exist within the cosmic blueprint for life. Each blueprint contains the potential for variation, from the atomic level.. All is fluid and open to change. With each new crystalline form, comes the potential for expansion and growth to new quantum levels. Each new form has access to different frequencies within the quantum field of potential. Thus growth and change are continual movements of energy.

When the growth of one form has reached it’s maximum potential, quantum changes occur within the cellular database. As a result of this, morphogenetic alterations are made, that enable the form to mutate, thus inevitably creating a totally new ‘life form’. This process happens again and again, throughout the “Cosmic Lattice”, where patterns are woven in threads of ‘Light’. Each strand has a specific ‘Light Quotient’ and when added together, they form a powerful combination. The Morphogenetic Field attracts rays of light, much like a magnet attracts the element of iron. The photonic influence of the rays, induces changes to the field, so the field itself, is continually growing and expanding, to allow for more of the quantum potential.

DNA is coiled up inside each cell. It holds the instructions that are necessary for healthy cell functioning. When cells need to renew or grow, they call upon the DNA. The DNA encoding is provided by way of letters, which are read by the cell, in threes. These trios are called codons, for example ‘YVY’.. All life uses codons to build its structures, ending with a stop code to signal the finish.. The ‘Diamond Lightbody’ e-Book, contains these codons for your personal use, please visit here