diamond lightbody

Do you want to be Fully Conscious? Do you want to be a Conscious Being that is Fully Aware of All of Itself?

I tend to think of ourselves as being like an iceberg, which has only a very small part of itself visible on the surface, with the vast majority of it’s mass underneath, invisible to the 3rd density eye. When we become Aware of the Fullness that is our Being, we remain Fully Conscious for Eternity. THIS MEANS NO DEATH. When aligned with our Diamond Lightbody, we shift into this Awareness, and begin to project our Consciousness Stream through this Divine Immortal Body, instead of our mortal 3rd density one.

We all have a lightbody which exists at different levels of density, or what some term dimensions. I am providing Quantum Codes that will align us with these higher density lightbodies.

Diamond Light Frequencies exist both outside of us diamond drawingand within us. But it is only when we are an energy match for these frequencies, that they can be accessed. The Diamond Lightbody or Diamond Consciousness , is our Immortal body of Light.

The purpose of the Diamond Light Codes is to activate the 8th density  matrix, resulting in Diamond Light Consciousness or Immortality. The codes are quantum triggers. When used they are anchored in our energy fields ( matrix ), and that of Gaia, aligning us with the energy templates of our Diamond Lightbody. The Diamond Light template, exists as an energy matrix which forms the basic structure of our Diamond Lightbody. It is created out of multidimensional light filaments, or light streams, which hold both information and the frequency of the Diamond Ray.

Around 300,000 years ago, we had the ability to connect with our Diamond Lightbody, or Divine Lightbody, which existed as part of our energy field and contained the frequencies which connected us to ‘Source’. But as we desired to explore the more denser energies in order to pretend to be human, we eventually lost this sacred connection and it became dormant within our field.

This book is a channelling from the Diamond  Crystal Consciousness. It contains the quantum triggers that will align us with this level of our Divine Being.  The codes, or DNA codons, are alphabetic, in different sequences. They should be copied and used individually, firstly in the order that they are given, and then by individual guidance.
The best place to hold these is normally on the ‘hara’, the body’s power centre ( just below the navel, and slightly to your right ).DLB

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