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The new paradigm requires that we learn to live and love from the Heart- the Divine higher  Heart within us. This means letting go of the ‘ polarity ‘ ideas of ‘ Give and Take ‘- this is old energy. When we operate from the idea of ‘ Giving ‘ ( the old Christian values ), it means that we see others as incomplete, incapable, incapacitated, and this weakens and dis-empowers them. In fact a desire to ‘ add ‘ to someone’s energy, will only cause them to feel attached to us and create the sort of karmic bonds that do not work for the Highest Good of anyone.Cosmic-Heart

The new energy – the energy of Unconditional Love, asks us to stop behaving out of duty and social obligation – there is no obligation, no cost and no strings with True Love. True Love meets equally with us in the ‘ temple of our Hearts ‘, it doesn’t usurp our space, manipulate or try to control us, it honors, respects and shares of it’s essence. This new energy asks us to step into our own ‘ Power ‘, and to hold our vibration steady. In order to be successful in this, we are required to cut ties with anything and any one that no longer serves our Highest Good. This will not only free us to be of Divine Service to the Whole, but it will help others to grow. Learning to love in this way will mean that we are moving away from the negative karmic relationships of the past, and helping to create a wonderful new era of Love, Peace and Harmony on Planet Earth. This path of the Heart requires courage, but the rewards for Humanity are Great. May the Divine Father/ Mother grant us the strength and the courage to fully embrace this Love.