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We are Energy and Consciousness projecting itself into 3D bodies. Our body templates and body scripts are changing, so that we can project into bodies which have a significantly longer lifespan. Longevity, Health and Wellbeing will be the keywords for this new body.

My job is to not only to help make this a possibility, it is to ensure the certain outcome of this Reality. To this end I have been given energetic tools DNA post picin order to bring about the successful realization of this new form. These tools are our powerful allies, they will help to shape a new destiny for us all.

We are all moving towards Empowerment and Full Consciousness. At present we are only aware of a very small part of ourselves, the ten percent which lies above the surface. Somewhat like the iceberg. The other ninety percent of us, has so far been untapped, lying dormant within us.

This sleeping Giant within us is awakening. It is being stirred into life by the new Cosmic Frequencies that we’re being given. These frequencies will be responsible for changing our DNA, they will activate what Science calls the ‘junk DNA’, that which is presently unused, and appears to have no function whatsoever. This DNA has no function in 3rd density, it has been placed within us to enable our Evolution. To help us to lift ourselves out of density, and into the rarefied air of multidimensional life. It is the activation of this DNA that will take us into undreamed of possibilities, and an existence of limitless potential.