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The Light of ‘Source’ is complete in itself. It contains all knowledge within its natural inherent encoding.. Your DNA is a part of this light, holding its imprints of information within itself.. The light fields of ‘Source’ are continually radiating codes, for the natural evolution of all.. The morphogenetic realities are shifting, to align with a faster vibration of light. This affects all levels of the spectrum, both from the macrocosm, to the microcosm. Your vehicles of expression are responding to these changes, as your DNA adapts to the new incoming information, processing it for use..


The instruments of change are your operating systems, which are in charge of all cellular data, and neurological functioning. They control the mind/body interface, and cellular membranes, which allows the osmosis of light to take place within you, the transference of codes from the nuclei to the cell. Both atomic and subatomic changes occur in this way.. A greater threshold is reached, as the light codes are assimilated for use within the organism. Particleization occurs, which alters the body template, thus altering its script within the DNA. The script for limitation is overridden, and new possibilities become available to you.. Expansion is the inevitable outcome..

However change can be slow if allowed to proceed naturally.. A complete overhaul of your operating system, could take a millennium to accomplish, and has done so up until now.. Now we have been given the gift of higher dimensional tools, which are designed to fulfil this task, in record time.. This super quick hyperspace technology, will rewrite your DNA programs, and change your operating system, to one of a higher specification. This is the technology that the ‘Gateway Systems’  (Gateway Energy) brings to us..