EAT Healing  is a new healing method which has recently arrived.. I’ve called this the ‘E.A.T Healing’ system, as it involves me extracting the energy of a condition, absorbing it into my own energy matrix, then transmuting it… It is the most powerful transmuting tool, more so than the ‘violet flame’, which in itself is pretty powerful..

This tool can be used to remove any bodily condition, any belief, program or behaviour that it affecting us in a negative way… So please let me know what you would like to target when you book this method.. Thank You ♥♥♥ Please book below, and don’t forget to leave a testimonial afterwards, as they help me to help others…  price £30…  

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“After just one session there is improvement with hearing.. I still have some issues but there is a definite improvement and I don’t need the TV volume so loud now.. So big thank you and bless you. Your healing techniques are amazing! ♥♥ “…  Gail Hawkins.

“The pressure and discomfort in my eyes has dissipated. They feel normal. The EAT Healing is already a gift beyond measure ♥.. IL

“Hi Kira, thank you for the E.A.T Healing yesterday. So far I’ve noticed that there is more room to be me in me ♥, which is amazing!”.. Juliane Moller. 

“This healing is awesome!”… Debbie Jones.

“My behaviour patterns have altered.. This is truly a blessing, thank you so much!” .. KD.