Welcome to my e-book page. The books that I have channelled, are energy tools, which contain quantum energy triggers, and certain light codes within them, that are designed to shift our energy matrix to a higher dimensional level, enabling us to download and hold more light, and expand our consciousness. My first book, the “Book Of Life”, is in fact the very first vibrational tool that has emerged from the secret vaults of Giza, and is designed to shift us into the 5D crystalline consciousness!

Some of the books are in multiple formats, i.e Pdf, Kindle (mobi), and ePub. All available formats can be downloaded for the one price. Paperback versions of “Book Of life”, “Life Essence”, “The One”, “Communications from The Stars”, “Diamond Lightbody”, and “Atlantis Aurora”, are also available to purchase, please see the relevant page. For those who subscribe to my free newsletter, discounts are regularly offered. Please click on the book covers to read the synopsis, obtain the price and/or purchase. Thank you.  Please also note that some of the quantum e-books on this page are free, or ‘pay what you want books’, they are all valuable tools for our expansion.