Welcome to my e-book page. The books that I have channelled, are energy tools, which contain quantum energy triggers, and certain light codes within them, that are designed to shift our energy matrix to a higher dimensional level, enabling us to download and hold more light, and expand our consciousness. My first book, the “Book Of Life”, is in fact the very first vibrational tool that has emerged from the secret vaults of Giza, and is designed to shift us into the 5D crystalline consciousness!

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The ‘Book Of Life’ is the very first book that I channeled. It is important because it shifts us into the 5D Crystalline Consciousness, just by reading or reciting the verses.. The book was created after the ‘Atlantis’ debacle, and was held in the vaults of Giza, awaiting this time upon Earth. Its creation was necessary, as the dark ones sought to prevent our ascension to the higher frequency consciousness, by erasing the Akashic Records.. They have not been able to gain access to this sacred text, but have tried to sabotage its appearance on Earth, by releasing a cartoon film of the same name, at exactly the same time, so attention was drawn away from the book.. It is written in Universal Star Language, which sounds like our French/Italian/Spanish, and uses Fibonacci sequencing to build the energy grid within us, which activates this highly evolved consciousness. An amazing tool of ‘Light’..   

Life Essence‘Life Essence’ is the second book of Universal Star Language.. It builds higher light energy in the same way as the ‘Book Of Life’ using Fibonacci sequencing, but takes us further into a higher frequency band of Light, beyond the 5D level of consciousness.. It moves us into the ‘I AM Divine Consciousness on a higher dimensional plane of the Quantum Field… This is the next part of our spiritual evolution..  



The One‘The One’ is the final part of the trilogy of Consciousness, also in Universal Star Language.. It again uses the same science and breath technology to build the energy layers which form a higher state of consciousness within us.. It moves us into the ‘Oneness Consciousness’. A state of Higher Self expansion is experienced, as we move up the spiritual ladder, on our way back ‘Home’ to ‘Source’..



Stars‘Communications from the Stars’ is a compilation of channelings from over 80 different lightbeings, some are Starbeings, Collectives ,Higher Councils of Light and Archangels… The offerings in this book, come in the form of information, advice, specific techniques to practice, and requests for us to enlist our help in bringing in this huge Cosmic Wave of Consciousness. If we all engage in this objective, it will make our planet’s transition to the New Reality much easier!


Diamond Lightbody‘Diamond Lightbody’ Diamond Light Consciousness was always an intended part of the Universal Plan once a sufficient crystal consciousness had been achieved here on Earth.

The Diamond Light template, exists as an energy matrix which forms the basic structure of our Diamond Lightbody. It is created out of multidimensional light filaments, or light streams, which hold both information and the frequency of the Diamond Ray. This is a consciousness stream, or operating system which was used here around 300,000 years ago, before the Earth entered the Duality/ Separation Experiment. Included in this book are the Diamond Light key codes, which when used, will re-activate this Consciousness within us, returning us to our Immortal state of Being. The codons in this book, instruct our DNA to recreate this amazing Lightbody. This is the latest step of our Evolutionary journey, the activation of our Immortal Body of Light! 

Atlantis‘Atlantis Aurora’ comes from the highest Atlantean state of light being. This is a channeling from the crystal consciousness giving us information about the changes that will take us into the Golden Age once more. Information about ‘Atlantis’, and how we can reinstate this wonderful high vibrational reality.
Included in the words are quantum triggers that will shift our energy fields into alignment with this Golden Reality. This book also includes the codes that were used in the healing temples..


Max, 13th Ancient Crystal Skull‘Max’.. This book is a direct channeling from Max, containing within it the codes for Transformation, Expansion and Manifestation.. MAX is the 13th Ancient Crystal Skull, and is a living library. holding much esoteric information within his Consciousness. He and the other skulls are in effect multidimensional portals which receive holographic codes that are responsible for upgrading our matrix. Holding vast amounts of information relating to Humanity’s purpose and destiny, they contain the codes for our Evolution… Max holds the codes for the new body script, and Sha-na-Ra (12th skull), has the codes relating to our expanded chakric system, which is essential for these changes to occur..

The skulls were brought to Earth before the Fall into Duality, and thus contain All that we were, and All that we will be again, now that this duality experiment is coming to a close.. When we connect with Max  we are able to activate the other 12 from the crystal skull grid. These 12 are in alignment with our 12 strand DNA template and the 12th dimension.. These codes unlock our current Reality, returning it to a state of fluidity, from which point it can be re-crystallized into a superior version or dimensional pattern of our liking, enabling us to manifest that which we desire. This will have enormous repercussions for us all.

‘Quantum Entanglement Theory- A handbook for The Gateway’.. This is a channeling from the ‘Avatars of Light’ who are responsible for returning the ‘Gateway Systems’ to us. These advanced systems of light were used during ‘Atlantis’. They heal, restore and upgrade our DNA to a higher form of the ‘Light’. They contain the ‘DNA Reverse program’, which reverses all genetic modifications that are not in alignment with our Higher Self, both past and present.. The Gateway Energy disables negative thought habits, thereby shifting our level of consciousness. It upgrades us through all the levels of Lightbody in all dimensions. At this time of spiritual warfare, it is the ‘go to’ tool to remove the dark agenda!

The Hyperborean Portal ‘The Hyperborean Portal’. The Hyperborean Portal is a hyperspace creation which allows us access to all dimensional realities, including the inner Earth domain, or Hollow Earth, as some call it. This is where our Agarthan allies reside, having escaped the demise of Atlantis… This book tells us about our changes, and our Agarthan relatives. At the end of the communication, they have given us a key, which affords us entry to the portal. Using this key rapidly speeds up our vibrations to align us with their frequency, it aligns all of our bodies with the frequency of the new 5D reality, or the ‘New Lemuria’, as some are calling it. so that we may more easily ascend to this timeline of Great Light!

The Ancient Crystals‘The Ancient Crystals’.. This is a channeling from the highest Crystalline Light Consciousness to date. Their energy matrix is so powerful that they can alter the course of history for any species. They are offering to give us what they call ‘THE STARLIGHT UPGRADE PROCESS’, to upgrade Humanity to a never before experienced Quantum Level, through this book. Experience this massive shift NOW!



Spirit As You‘Spirit As You’.. This book  gives detailed information about our inner Divine nature, our Lightbody changes and states, and our path to Greatness. There is also an inbuilt frequency key which gives access to the ‘Akashic Records’, since it is time for All to be revealed!




‘Star Crystals in Service’..

Star Crystals in ServiceThis is a channeling from many Star Crystals, who are connecting with us at this time to help us with the quantum shifts that are an inevitable part of our growth, and our journey to ‘Oneness’.

They are introducing new programs of light, that are designed to activate our lightbodies. Connect with them now, to shift to the Spiritual Plane of Being, and higher realities.



The Universal I‘The Universal I’.. This is a channeling from Archangel Metatron, who is currently overseeing the Ascension/descension project for this Universe. He tells us about the unveiling of the Soul, it’s mission, and our innate light. He describes our relationship with the Universe, and how we pull energy from ‘Source’ to grow and expand. This book contains his Advanced Program of Light to help us to make our shift to the new reality much easier. 



Crystals‘Crystals their role in our Ascension’.. “Crystals – Their role in Our Ascension” is my twelfth book. It is channeled from the crystal consciousness of ‘Antares’. This book gives detailed information about the crystals that have come here specifically to help us, with our Ascension process, and also lists those which have not yet been found. They give us techniques that will help to crystallize our energy matrix, and tell us about the cycles of life, including our current Ascension Cycle, and the most powerful crystals in existence! 

The Infinite Universe‘The Infinite Universe’.. This is a mini ebook, which is a channeling from Archangel Ariel. Ariel describes the nature of our Universe and it’s creation, and talks about dark matter and dark (black) holes, and how and why our Universe came into being.

This is essentially a free book, so please don’t forget to input $0, otherwise you have the option of paying what you want, if you so choose.  


Inner Transformation‘Inner Transformation’.. “Inner Transformation” details our spiritual journey, and current entrance into the Golden Era. It contains energetic codes and quantum triggers that will shift our energies, and expedite this wonderful transformation.





The New You‘The New You’.. “The New You”, is channeled information on the Ancient Systems of Light, which are able to help us currently in our Awakening Cycle. They are here to take us to a new expanded state of consciousness and being, returning us to ‘Empowerment’.





Consciousness‘The Journey to Consciousness’.. “The Journey to Consciousness”, comes from a skull of Light, ‘Diamond +’, so called because he has a matrix which includes Gold and Silver. He is a powerful being of Light who, along with the other skulls, are helping us to advance to higher light octaves. As you read this book, his energy will integrate into your energy matrix, lifting it to new vibrational frequencies!



Light‘Holding The Light’.. “Holding The Light”, is my next book. It tells us about our Divine Essence, and what constitutes Life and comprises our energy matrix, so that we can take

steps to further shift our vibration to the faster, higher frequencies of light consciousness. This book like the others, contains Quantum energy triggers. 



Healing‘Unification & Healing’. Unification & Healing, is a channeling from the ‘ANNU’, the creators. It describes the tools for creation that they have given us, as they modelled us in their image. How we will inevitably become an amazing and incomprehensible expression of Light. This is our divine destiny!




‘The Gateway to Ascension’.. “The Gateway to Ascension” has been given to us by the Elders, or Ancient Ones. This book opens new portals of light for us, and assists in our lightbody processes, both in the integration of lightbody codes, and their activation… Please also see https://gatewayacademyoflight.com




‘The Golden Ark’..

“Man has long sought the ‘Ark of the Covenant’, believing it to be the answer to all his ills.. Though this may be true to some degree, it is much more than this.. The Ark is a vibrational tool of great light, as is mentioned in your scriptures.. It is however a hyperspace construct, rather than a physical one, which has been used countless times, by many races for their betterment..

The Light of the Ark, comes by way of a portal to the Great Central Sun. It has the power to transform all things, returning them to their Divine nature, of pure light essence.. Let only those who are pure of heart use this tool, and they shall see God, made manifest in everything and everyone” …

This energy tool is written in Universal Star Language, and needs to be read or recited, in order to build the energy layers that culminate in the opening to the portal of Light.. It is easy to master, please listen to the mp3 audio at https://frequencyandlighthealing.com/amenti-tools..

‘The Golden Light’.. This is another Universal Star Language book. It is a book of Light from the Great Central Sun of our Universe, holding the keys to unlocking our dimensional growth as a species. It uses the same energy sequencing that creates an activation, as the ‘Book Of Life’, ‘The Golden Ark’, ‘Life Essence’ and ‘The One’.. Please read or recite, pausing only at a full stop..



‘Timeline Merger’.. “Timeline Merger” is being given to us as an opportunity to reset out trajectory, by merging with a significantly more advanced timeline. This will put an end to the eons of darkness on this world, heralding the arrival of a Great Light. Attunements and activations lie within this text…”




‘Healing Tools from Beyond The Matrix’.. “Healing Tools from beyond the Matrix” is a compilation of advanced healing tools which I have acquired since starting this work. They have been given to us by the Elders/Guardians/Founders, who wish to see humanity restored to empowerment!




‘The Golden Merkabah’.. This is another light encoded book, to shift the vibration of Earth’s inhabitants. It contains the Golden Key, a structure of Light which transcends all current light matrices to date.

It transforms your energy matrix to its Highest Light potential using a different way of Light Building than previous books which were based upon the Fibonacci method. Its 12 parts relate to the 12 strand matrix that we are moving back into….


‘The Great Expansion’.. The Great Expansion contains an extremely powerful energy grid which is actually a new energy upon Earth.. It will activate the ley lines in preparation for the ‘Great Event’.. Furthermore, it will amplify your energy fields to align you with ‘Source’…