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Recently a friend and I were discussing issues which crop up in our lives, that seem to need to be addressed, in order to be cleared from our energy field. Many of us choose to follow this course of action, in the belief that there is something within us that needs to be corrected or worked upon, by way of a lesson perhaps.

Whilst every choice is valid, as a result of a new dawning consciousness, I have come to view this in a different way. I tend not to get attached. I find that there is only a lesson to learn, when there is an attachment present. It’s better to be an observer and watch things flowing through our energy fields, rather than engage them by participating actively, and making them more real for us. This I find is the way of ‘Being’, rather than the way of ‘Karma’.star

Karma is action. Without action there can be no karma. It is desire which creates the action, that creates the karma. Any goal orientation is karmic, as it stems from the activation of the ‘desire body’, which is telling us that we don’t have the thing that we seek. By desiring it, we place it in the Future, always out of reach.

Enlightenment or Self-Realization, is not a goal or linear path. It is an energetic state that we enter, as we become aligned with it, or at-one with it’s energy.

It is better to accept what IS, in the acknowledgment of it’s transience, knowing that it will soon disappear. We are already that which we seek. We are already fulfilled. However I am providing activation energy for those who have not yet made this leap in consciousness. This change in our awareness, will impact upon the ‘Morphogenic Field’, ultimately changing the conscious awareness of others. This is our greatest gift to humanity. As each of us become AWARE, we are blazing the trail for others to follow. WE are carrying the Olympian Torch of LIGHT for All to see.