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Etheric Crystals are powerful multidimensional beings that wish to work with humanity to upgrade them and assist them in holding much more light within their matrices…


This Course will attune you to seven of the most powerful Etheric Crystals, which will in turn enable you to transmit their amazing energies to others!


The Course consists of seven separate downloads.. Once you have received the downloads you will be in alignment with these crystals, and can begin using their wonderful energies.. Their energies will heal, upgrade, and shift you into new resonances and octaves of Light…


The energies of these crystals will open and activate your 3rd eye; raise your vibration exponentially; balance your Heart Chakra, removing blocks. They will lighten your energy field, removing all darkness; create a huge awakening within your energy field, bringing in more Light. They will build and activate your ‘Diamond Body’, and help you to embody the ‘Diamond Light’ changing your DNA sequences in the process…..   

Book Your Etheric Crystal Course Now!  price £250


Here are  a few testimonies:  

“They are really amazing these attunements…After the attunement yesterday it now feels like a lot of light is streaming in, making me calmer and naturally more positive. It’s wonderful”…. Juliane S


“Wow that was one of the most powerful I’ve experienced, I felt buzzing and activation exactly in the very center of my forehead” … J.Rios


“Thank you!. I have seen huge changes in me.. I feel my energy/light has increased greatly, and almost feel like floating also…” TK