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I would like to share some free tools with you for your empowerment.. The first are healing codes which come from ‘Atlantis’. Though these did not come through my channel, they are very similar to the five sets of codes which were given to me and are included in my ‘Atlantis Aurora’ book.

 I have tried some of these with very interesting results. Like all codes from the Healing Temple of Atlantis, they should be written upon the body itself (anywhere), not literally, but traced using a fingertip, crystal etc. Write each code once, pause then re-write it again. Please note that it is important to pause at the spaces between the numbers of each set, briefly……..

15  73  691   ( for Spiritual Wounds );  17  37  562  ( for Mental Wounds );  55  65  786  ( for Emotional Wounds );  18  57  991  ( for Physical Wounds );  80 90 561 ( for Sexual Wounds ).

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I have been given more codes from the living libraries of Max, the 13th Ancient Crystal Skull. This is the information that came with them:

“These are Intergalactic Healing Codes that have a Multidimensional layering effect within the genes. They are dimensional portals to other spheres of Light Vibration within the Cosmic Deity. They create an interwoven lattice, which traps photons of exceptionally high frequency, to form a new Matrix of Light within Being….. These are the codes of the Arcturus Matrix, which is now coming online for you all.”

The codes are:
67 22

4 days later, please use code 190 


Here is a ‘Renewal Programming’ which comes from the light being known as Orin.. I tried this myself, and had the most phenomenal light experience as a result, it clearly purged me of disharmonious belief systems, creating a vacuum for more light to enter my earth vessel… Try it yourself. It is a set of 7 affirmations.. I repeated each affirmation 3 times, and performed these (all 7), as I was either waking up from slumber, or drifting into slumber, since this is the time when the guard to the subconscious mind is relaxed.. Please note that you should continue with these affirmations, on a daily basis, until they bear fruit. Listen to your dreams, your subconscious will find a way to let you know your progress. This will eventually manifest outwardly! It is in PDF format, and can be downloaded or printed here... 



The ‘Meridian Grid’free tools

This grid converts our meridians into 5th dimensional ones.. Just hold to download the codes, or place upon your power centre, which is just below your navel, and slightly to your right side (this applies to any grid)..


For a printable PDF version, please click here.. 





The ‘Density Release Grid’free tools

The purpose of this grid is self explanatory. It will be especially useful to us to assist us in moving out of the heavy forms of energy, and into our higher light expressions.. 


For a printable PDF version, please click here..



‘Non Interference Grid’

I was given this message a while ago…

“Your frequency code (energy signature) is cloned and used against you, applying the laws of ‘Quantum Entanglement’. In this way your energy field must respond to manipulation…..”

Many workers of the Light have been subjected to this manipulation, so I’ve been given an effective too to help us to overcome this…

For a printable PDF version, please click here


‘Unlock Code your Potential’

This is a code that is designed to unlock your potential. It is from the Dragon database, hence the difference in colour to those above.. It will unlock all potential, spiritual, physical, mental etc.. download by ‘intention’.  



In the picture gallery you will find eBooks that are free to download.. All books contain quantum triggers that will shift your energy field into a faster, higher vibration as you read them.. Please click on the picture to download..


Here are the tools that will assist you in expanding your Divine inner Heart Flame. Note these are also used to assist in the release of your Kundalini.. If you click on each picture, you will be able to download the PDF version so that you can print these off, (the best size is the actual size, if they are too big, it may interfere with your visualization)…

Please work in the order that they are presented.. Visualize breathing in the colour (almost as if you are sucking it in), see it travel through your nose, into your head, and down into your heart. See your heart filling with this colour. Then send the colour to a place just behind the stomach, until it has formed a pool of coloured light.. Practice this daily for effect… More free tools coming soon!