gateway ascension


The ‘Gateway’ energy came through to us in 2014.. It arrived on the back end of one of the attunements that I was giving at that time, which ironically, was an attunement through the Stella Gateway portal..

I was told that the Gateway energy is woven into the etheric web, and forms the basis of all systems and modalities that we have here on Earth, and that a few well known individuals, such as Harry Edwards, Alice Bailey, and Edgar Cayce, knew about this powerful energy!

The energy comes to us through a number of intergalactic and multidimensional  Gateway Systems. Anyone who receives  the system downloads, can transmit the Gateway Energy, in order to heal and upgrade the light matrices of others, in alignment with our ascension, here on Earth.. This energy and its systems, are designed to establish our crystalline light matrix, diamond light matrix, and ultimately our solar light matrix..

The Gateway Energy works by quantum entanglement, using parallel networks to create a super cell, which pushes all toxic energy out of our cells, speeding up the vibration of each cell, which is after all, nothing more than a battery. Once the voltage is increased, energy flows quickly through us, and toxins are not allowed to build up in the matrix..

Another effect of the energy is, that it alters/improves our mental interface, rewiring our brains, changing our thought habits, thus preventing us from having thoughts that are out of alignment with divine harmony, creating an expansion of consciousness .. It also works to reverse the genetic modifications that we have undergone, which downgraded us in consciousness and empowerment.. Below is a list of the 7 functions of the energy, and what it will do for you …

  1. The energy makes an assessment of our DNA
  2. It identifies the Genome, and rearranges our genetic material
  3. Lost DNA is rescued from the etheric strands and reintegrated
  4. Any dysfunctional DNA is replaced
  5. The strands are reinvigorated through the injection of new codes. New Star Technology is installed, creating a new system entirely
  6. Important structural changes are finalized, to support the new template
  7. All of our Stellar Systems are reunited, (our galactic energy systems), turning them into One Whole Module.. 

We have Gateway Activators worldwide, who are all devoted, like me, to transitioning this world to Light.. Why not join us, our dedicated website is Here..  Though the Gateway Energy has now reached critical mass, it will still be beneficial for you to receive the Systems, which are available through the Gateway Course, (or individually). Especially since you should now be able to empower others by downloading the systems yourself into their energy matrix as an Activator. You will have access to the Scalar Energy also, to be used to heal both others and yourselves.. The Course of 7  Gateway Systems, an individual system, or a Gateway Attunement, can now be booked. Instructions for Booking Please use the booking button below..  Please allow around a 3 day interval between each system booking, for the energies to integrate ..

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Also, please see below for our regular twice monthly Gateway Event, which is hosted now on, click here  for the group. All events are held at 9pm UK (GMT or BST). To check your time, please go to  . The Event dates are circled on the calendar below. To view the calendar in PDF please click on the picture.. During the Event, we all collectively transmit the frequency codes remotely, to all who wish to receive them, free of charge.. You do not have to be on any platform, though it would be great to have you in our group, you only need to know the dates of our transmissions, which will always be listed, and updated below, and just ask to receive the Gateway Energy, for your highest good. No special preparation is required beforehand. If the time doesn’t suit, you can usually connect later, since these energies work outside of the laws of ‘time and space’..  


This is a future spiritual technology, which works at the quantum level, outside of Time and Space. It tends to be a faster vibration than other modalities from the past, which no longer serve our needs. The Gateway assists us in absorbing more photonic light. It repairs, heals and adds new galactic DNA to our energy matrix. It redirects misaligned thought patterns/habits, making it difficult for us to think negatively. This leads to an expansion of Consciousness.

Here is what some have said about their experiences with the Gateway Event energies…

“Thank you to all the activators, for the amazing attunement. As usual it was fantastic. I was vibrating so high, I felt like I was floating around in the atmosphere!!! Great appreciation to you all” – Brenda Tractor

“Some extraordinary reactions from people around me the following day. Bus drivers stopped for me several times, gentlemen were paying me compliments, and everything just flowed…” – Natasha Bailey

“I found it difficult if not impossible to have negative thoughts after receiving the gateway energy” – Pradeep Gohill

GREAT NEWS! … On the 11th July 2019, the ‘Gateway Energy’ reached critical mass point! This is thanks to the tireless efforts of the activators..

What this means for You… Anyone who receives this sacred energy, can NOW TRANSMIT IT TO OTHERS, TO HEAL AND UPGRADE THEM... The energy can be passed easily from person to person.  Please remember that the ‘Gateway’ is the grandfather of all modalities.. So if you want to transmit this amazing transformational energy, just join our Gateway Ascension group, and tune into our FREE GATEWAY EVENTS! .. Join our group HERE

IMPORTANT UPDATE! … On 11/11/19 during the Gateway Event, a portal opened to another more superior timeline.. We are now invited to merge with this timeline.. This will create a reset and alter our trajectory to a much higher vibrational one.. Please see my video, ‘Timeline Merger’ on Youtube