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Hi there, Just thought I would tell you all about the New Gateway Systems, ‘Gateway Ascension’. The Galactic Gateway of Consciousness is open, and this much talked about new energy is finally here! Some people such as James Gilliland say that it was being blocked by the negative forces. Whilst I don’t focus upon that side of things, it does explain a lot about how it arrived here, as it came through in disguise, much like a trojan horse! I was giving a high vibrational attunement to someone, when it suddenly pushed through at the end of the attunement. Well it has touched down, and is thankfully here to stay.

We are all at the beginning of huge changes thatGateway Systems will involve an evolutionary leap for Humanity. The Gateway energy brings new energy sequencing/ Dna codes, to advance our civilization. It both activates dormant Star Being Dna and introduces new Star Dna from other Universes/ Dimensions, to aid our progression: unlocking existing gifts or bestowing new ones upon us.

All levels of Consciousness, from Human to Lightbeing, are now being made available to us through the Gateway Systems. We are being given the opportunity to transcend the limitations of the Human level of existence. This multidimensional healing/ upgrading energy is designed for the emergence of the NEW HUMAN.  Please click on the picture to visit our website…