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Life can be viewed from different perspectives. We can look at it from the 3rd dimensional perspective, we can look at it from the 5th dimensional or ascended level, or we can view it from Source Level. Viewed from Source Level, there is no movement in life, no ascension to the higher planes of existence. However from the 3rd dimension upwards, we see life as continually evolving and changing. This of course is an illusion, brought about simply by a dimensional awareness. This dimensional awareness, dictates our actions and creates our decisions. Our choices are fuelled by our level of awareness, and our need for achievement also stems from this.

Viewed from the higher perspective, all things are complete in themselves, and want for nothing. From this standpoint, there is nothing to be healed, nothing to be repaired, no void to be filled. Everything is already in Divine Order.

Vector star, sun with lens flare.

There is no end product, no moving from A to B, just the operation of a different perceptual awareness.

So how do we tap into this different awareness? How do we view our lives through the eyes of ‘Source’? By knowing that we ARE SOURCE, by ceasing to see ourselves as separate and apart from ‘Source’. By letting go of the idea that we are humans with limitations, by ceasing to identify with the human self, with all of it’s dramas and restrictions.

So how can we know this irrefutable truth? By detaching from the outer world of miasma, the world of continually shifting forms and images, the relentlessly changing slideshow. To the realization that we are not characters in a film, we are the projectionist, the Source of the film, the Source of all things. This Source has no needs or desires. It is reflecting parts of itself through different lenses, one of which is the human lens. These are outer projections of potentiality, nothing more, nothing less. To find our Source, we must turn our attention inwards. Only there will we find OUR SELF!


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