EVERYTHING IS FREQUENCY AND VIBRATION....  Frequency determines our point of attraction, and what we are manifesting, at all levels, which include our life situations, and our level of health and wellbeing.. When light codes are introduced into our frequency signatures , we change and evolve , into a newer, renewed version of ourselves, and exhibit increased harmony and wellness within our being. This is because we have been moved out of alignment with the slower, denser frequencies of disease, illness and disharmony, and no longer attract these into our lives..


You can consult me on all of your Vibrational, Emotional or Abundance needs. These are all energy related and respond readily to frequency and light healing…  Please book below, price £35… If I’m not given anything specific, you will receive an energy alignment, or personal attunement which will be decided by your Higher Self, and will contain whatever upgrades and healing codes that you need, for your highest good..

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Divine Fire Activation:

Due to the continual expansion of ‘Source’ there is another new energy on Earth and in the Cosmos.. It is a Higher crystalline energy/consciousness that will activate many new light levels, igniting the Fire of the ‘Divine Flame’ in All… Book your activation below…

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Princess Di’s Heart Unblock:

A few years ago, Princess Di’s Higher Aspect gave me a code which works at the Subatomic level to release our biggest Heart Block.. At the time, I infused this into pendants, but am now being prompted to offer this again by remote transmission.. If you would like to receive this attunement, please book below, price £35.

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Immunity Reset:

I’ve been guided to give ‘Immunity Resets’.. This recalibration will restore the ‘T’ cells in your blood, which are reponsible for destroying harmful bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, to their original blueprint code, thus boosting them to optimum efficiency. It is important for all of us to boost our immunity, not just the elderly or infirmed.. There are many things on the planet today, which have the potential to compromise our immune system, especially if we believe they can, or we are not vibrating at a fast enough frequency, including EMF’s, and Wi-Fi networks.. Please book Here..

Here is what one person says about their immunity reset experience: … “Thank you, I felt the energy working flowing throughout my crown, throat and heart chakras! Like a wave of cleansing water lighting up my cells and blood stream. The heart chakra felt very intense, almost like a pulling or tugging effect. Thank you so much for the work you do!”.. Jess A

Alpha Transference, 10th dimensional healing..

The Alpha Transference healing comes from the 10th dimensional galaxy of Thoth.. This type of healing works specifically on dysfunctional timelines, and on removing our energy blocks that we have accumulated over time.. This healing is a transference of 10th dimensional light codes, and is especially suited to souls who are spiritually advanced, and possess a particularly high light matrix, but who have unresolved ongoing issues, as powerful workers of the light!.. If you feel that this applies to you, please book your healing Here, price £50..



Due to the many new healing energy technologies that are now coming through, I have decided to offer healing sessions which have the ability to incorporate these different technologies, under one umbrella, rather than giving individually targeted  healings..

This will enable my work to be more expansive, and also if someone is indecisive about what they want or indeed need, this will provide the suitable solution for them..

Each session may include:-

  • An energy field merge, (this is where I enter your energy field in order to change the geometry of your templates, thus creating reset points, within your energy field)..
  • A third eye scan, (this is a scan of your energy system to reveal where any blockages exist, prior to removing them)..
  • A Lightbody Healing, (this will be focusing upon the geometries of your lightbodies)..
  • A blueprint recalibration, (this will be a restoration of your original matrices)..
  • A biofield harmonizing, (this will create balance and harmony within your fields, after the energy work)..

You may also receive the Ketheric Healing Energy from ‘Source’, (this will reset your Causal Body)… The price for this intensive healing work is £99, please book your session below…


“Yesterday, in the end of the session  I felt my body all by itself breathing much deeper and with much more ease,, like breathing in my spirit. Today I also feel it easier to breath deeper”… LC

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If you would like to remove any blockages from your energy field, the most significant block which is retarding your progress, will be removed. Price £35.. Please book Here

For Anyone who would like to receive specific Merkabah Attunements, Crystalline Activations, or Solar and Diamond Light Transmissions, to name a few, please see the gallery below, and click on the picture to book..

This page will cater for all, irrespective of your level of spiritual growth, and whether or not your Soul has chosen the Ascension Path in this lifetime.. They will also cater for those like myself, who are not just here for the Ascension, but are here to connect with and embody their Highest Light potential, within physicality, something which is far beyond what is being called ascension. The potential of anti-matter states of being ultimately, which will see us become pure energy, moving out of both frequency and form altogether…

This is a Great Journey, which only begins with the ascension to 5D. But this is perhaps the biggest hurdle for humanity to overcome. Once at this level, all other levels and healing abilities start to present themselves to us…



  • The Higher Crystalline Attunement, is achieved through a Great Portal of Light, which lifts us to the heights of Crystalline Being…
  • The Starlight Amethyst Attunement, is a special attunement from the Higher Starlight reams…
  • The Lightbody Merge, is an activation that assists us in merging our different aspects into One Unified Merkabah Field..
  • The Ramu Attunement, this is an attunement from powerful beings of light. They are beyond the field of consciousness, existing in the ‘Anti-Matter’ state, and are Conductors of pure Source Energy. Also they influenced the growth of Lemuria…
  • The Heart Expansion Activations, create a greater opening of our Heart Portal, and connection with our Etheric Body (Lightbody, or KA), giving access to realms far beyond the Earth Plane…
  • The Toth Attunement, is a powerful attunement from an interdimensional portal, for the transformation of Souls. The keys within, will transfigure any matrix, and return it to Light .. (£45)
  • The Real Essence, is an attunement from the Essence of Being, from the Plasma Fields.
  • The Higher Light, is both an activation and attunement of the codes from your Higher Self Matrix. This Light can generally be called upon indefinitely after the session, if needed (£50)
  • The Arcturian Light, is a transmission of the Arcturus codex, which contains high frequencies similar to tachyons. It activates the DNA, restores, regenerates, extending the life of the physical vehicle, promoting health and wellbeing.
  • The Adamantine Fire, is a particle accelerator, which works at the subatomic level of Being, creating a great quickening of energy and your forces, lifting you to a new heightened level of expression.. The catalyst for huge change.
  • The Living Light healing,  is a Living Embodiment of ‘Source’ itself…This heralds a new phase in the life of ‘Source’ itself.. It is a major uplifting, to levels of light never before seen, in your Reality.. It is in effect, a new reality being born…When we use the ‘Living Light’ we are activating the Flame letters in their pre-matter state of being.. These letters themselves are ‘Source Language’, which is the Creation Code from the Zero point Field – The Divine Eternal Flame of Life…Living Light is a healing tool.. It can be infused into any part of your body temple, to transform it to light.. The living pulsating life will be quickened.. Atomic and Subatomic matrices will renew on contact with this light.. All Template Codes will revert to their basic blueprint.. All disharmonious structures, will be dissolved by this light. It gets stronger with use, and has the potential to create spontaneous healings  ..
  • The Rainbow, Silver and Gold Merkabahs, are alignments with these specific geometries, the Rainbow Body of Light, the Silver and Gold Higher Dimensional Matrices.
  • The Skulls of Light, are transmissions from the network of Light Skulls, primarily in Agartha, and connecting with those in other Universes. You may receive the Golden Skull, the Rainbow or the Silver/Diamond (Diamond+).
  • The Silverstar, is an quantum activation which works at the 7-9th dimensional levels, shifting us rapidly out of dense states, especially emotional ones. It can shift us from desperation to bliss instantly! It contains the codes of ‘Atlantis’ that were used to build this high vibrational reality! It is also the light that was used by ‘The Shining Ones’ to evolve..
  • The Gold Star, is an energy frequency of expanded light and elevation, moving us ever closer to our Solar Self Expression.
  • The Sister Stars, is an advanced activation/attunement from a crystalline consciousness, originally Pleiadian. After receiving a few of these attunements, you will be able to transmit the energy to others! Also, after your clients have received four of these attunements from you, they will likewise be able to give them to others…
  • The  Diamond, and Solar Light, represent different ascension levels. The Diamond representing the building and activation of our 12th dimensional lightbody, or activation of its corresponding 12 strand DNA. The Solar Light has never been embodied, it represents the activation of the ultimate Lightbody, prior to merging with ‘Source’.
  • The Atlantis Light, is a transmission of geometries and light codes from the Atlantis reality that didn’t fall to the dark. This is a highly evolved light matrix, of great harmony, and resonance with the highest octaves of light.
  • The Source Code, is a codex of numbers representing the Immortal, Eternal Source of Life.. Their purpose is to restore, renew and realign your cellular matrix, with the highest principles of Life, in keeping with the Great Plan of unfoldment…( £50)
  • The Dragon Light Grids, are etheric energetic codes. They have no form, being far beyond our level of existence. There is a code for Spiritual Growth, Health & Wellbeing, and Abundance. If you have a specific request, please email me, otherwise your Higher Self will choose… (£40) 
  • The Atlantean Skull Activation, is from a highly evolved network of Skulls. They are even more powerful than the Ancient Skulls…
  • 12D Gaia Attunement.. The key codes given in this attunement will tap into Gaia’s Higher Crystalline fields, enabling you to share her Light. This will help to evolve humanity rapidly..
  • Scalar Activation.. The Scalar Energy contains the Divine Ratio and harmonic, restoring and returning all things to harmony and wellbeing. It is the energy that is generated within the pyramids which preserves what lies within from decay. It can be used to regenerate your body temples…
  • Ketheric Healing.. The Ketheric Healing energy connects with the nuclear fields of ‘Source’ providing a download link for Source Energy to heal at the causal level, restoring our template settings for wellbeing..