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None of us can escape the effects of traumas and stresses upon our hearts. The ‘Heart’ is the centre point of all, the centrifugal force that everything flows from. It is our manifestation centre, where everything begins. The Emotional Body then is closely connected to the heart, so our emotions, both positive and negative impact upon this divine organ, and have a tendency to build themselves into its cellular matrix (and of course that of other organs). This leads to electrical disturbances within the heart such as arrhythmia, and other illnesses, due to blockages in the energy flow..

That is of course at the physical level. At the emotion level, energy blocks can result in dysfunctional relationships, especially the relationship that we have with ourselves, which is the most important one. It can prevent us from truly loving ourselves or feeling good about our existence here. Lack of self-worth is a big issue in society today, as we sacrifice ourselves to the altar of conformism, never truly stepping into our authentic Selves. Often sadly never knowing who we truly are ..

Heart Healing is a must for everyone, regardless of how good we think our lives are. It is also possible to remove a trauma matrix, please see HERE.

Below you will find a few options. All have been found to have positive and powerful effects:-

Our Heart Healing:   

This comes from a collaboration between myself and Princess Diana’s higher aspect. She has given me a healing code which will clear and heal your biggest block, whatever that may be. Please be advised that you should only need one session.. Please Book HERE, price £30. 

This is what some people have said after receiving this:-

“Thank You, this was a very special session and I’m soo grateful I followed my bliss and booked it
We are One Love-Oneness” … J. Rios

“It felt wonderful and I definitely feel like my heart space has expanded a bit more”…. Lesley Ann

  “Thank you for this amazing heart healing. I felt the energies strongly from the start of the session. Such a beautiful energy which I felt working around my physical Heart and Heart Chakra, past disappointments & memories came into my mind and they were released quickly. Alot of heavy energy was being cleared from my Heart space. At one stage my whole body was vibrating strongly and I allowed myself to relax into this.. I’m now feeling very calm, connected to my heart, grounded and immensely Peaceful… Sending you my Gratitude, Love & Light, Nikki 🙏✨💜✨😊


Heart Matrix Healing:

This constitutes the removal of any rogue codes that are preventing the heart from functioning at its optimum.. To see more on this type of work, go to the ‘blueprint reset’ menu… Please book your session HERE , price £30.