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It has to be said that we are living in Biblical times.. What with the revelations taking place across the planet, to the plagues and pestilences, that seem to be emerging..

Whether these viruses are natural or man made it matters not.. If we identify with the body, we will be subject to all manner of ills.. But to  attain ,then  retain a higher state of consciousness, is no mean feat…

Immunity should be our key concern at present.. We could use Dr Emoto’s ideas of infusing energies into water, and then drinking it… Why not write the word ‘Vitamin C’ and leave it under a glass of water for a few hours or overnight to infuse..



Equally the mineral Pietersite is excellent for warding off viral infections.. Lastly we now have the ability to blueprint our ‘Immune System’, namely the ‘T’ cells that are responsible for targeting non-friendly bacteria, viruses and protozoa.. These ‘T’ cells can be restored to their original healthy code, so they will function at their optimum capacity, doing what they’re best at – protecting the body from invaders.. Why not book an Immunity Reset Now! click HERE