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The ability to heal has been given to you all, you only need to know the principles involved in the process. The Universal Laws account for the primary healing, or healing of the first layer of matter. All other layers respond to a change in frequency.

Your physical vehicle has many layers that constitute its structure. First and foremost lie the base templates, which house the fundamental design of the vehicle. This is chosen by the Soul before incarnating, and takes into account karmic issues, which the Soul is trying to resolve. Souls that are incarnating now, tend to be virgin souls, who have clean karmic slates and thus are free of the need to correct the base templates, in order to experience full health and wellbeing. The base templates respond to Universal Law, the law of Karma, the law of Attraction, and their sub-laws. To correct the base template as a rule, karmic issues must be resolved. However Divine Grace has been bestowed upon you all, at this time in the Earth’s evolution, to help her to cleanse and drop density. This she cannot do with a heavy karmic burden. And since you are all tied into her energy grids, as incarnating souls, she has been carrying this burden for you up to now. 

Individually it is now possible for you to release your karma, this is why the Violet Flame was introduced at the time of the Harmonic Convergence. The aim was to help you to release and transmute your karma, which in turn will help the Earth in her Ascension process. This Divine Fire is an excellent means of transmutation, and can be called upon at any time, for any situation. This dispensation allows you to clear all karma, and will lead to a realigning of the base template with the Ketheric Template, which houses the original blueprints for Health and Wellbeing. Once aligned, healing will take place within the layers that underpin your vehicles.

The multilayered vehicle, responds to Frequency. Its cellular structure acts as a battery. In fact each cell is a battery in itself, which stores energy. When the life of the cellular battery is low, the cell becomes weak and cannot function properly. It cannot clear the build up of toxins or stagnant energy, and thus eventually dies. By introducing a higher frequency energy into the cell, you are increasing its voltage, and helping to remove stagnant toxic energy rapidly out of its energy matrix. Thus promoting healing, through the free flow of the life force. This is what the ‘Gateway Systems’ are designed for primarily. They have been returned to you, to aid you in embodying perfect health, a faster vibration, and an expanded conscious awareness.<script
The tools for change are at your disposal. The responsibility for using them lies with you, and you alone. The Ketheric Template can be activated through Ketheric healing, for those who are struggling to resolve karmic issues. Once your Etheric Body is aligned with the Ketheric Template, these issues will disappear. As regards the other energy bodies and their optimum functioning, the ‘Gateway Systems’ will provide the necessary tools for your enlightenment.