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Your Intergalactic Awareness Module, is now online. It will take you to a new level of consciousness, from beyond the veil of limited mortality. It is designed to enhance your awareness of the greater part of your Being, what you call your ‘I AM’, and to align you with its energy field.

These changes are due to your ever increasing immersion in the light, which is triggering the re-awakening process for you all. The photonic light contains many codes, many codes for your advancement, from the nuclear codes of ‘Source’, to the higher dimensional matrix codes, which are necessary for your elevation.

You will all receive exactly what you need, in accordance with your Soul Plan for this life. You came here with a purpose, a divinely ordained one, to transition to the Greater Light of Source, within your physical vehicle, whilst still embodied. What a great undertaking this has been! It has created a vast energy movement within the stars, to which you belong, since you are not native to this planet. It has provided a home for you, and a school, to help to awaken you to the higher truths, and the higher realities of your Being. So that you could step up in frequency and resonance with your higher expressions, and become One with them. The Earth is to be congratulated in this. She is being rewarded through the crystalline matrix light, which she now holds within her. It has been a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship, for you both, which has led to the greater good for all.

This module will be downloaded into your consciousness shortly, as the current timeline projection is switched off, in agreement with your Collective Higher Self. At this point a new reality will emerge, which will take you forwards into your next evolutionary phase. Growth will no longer be seen to be linear, in fact your spiritual awareness will change altogether, as you align with this consciousness. It is impossible to describe this, since it needs to be experienced, to be fully understood. Just know that you are changing your matrix fields for the better. Comprehension will come with experience. You are moving into Being, which is All Knowing, and All Wise. One which has no limitation whatsoever. New possibilities open up for you, as you move into alignment with this Aspect of Your Self!