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Your multidimensional matrix, is connected to many different realities. Some of a faster vibration, and some a slower one. These make up the fields of diversity for your existence, and provide a multitude of experiences for your Expressions.

The diversity of existence is a catalyst for growth, which has the potential to fuel great changes for you, regardless of any judgement of right or wrong, good or bad, that you may hold.. The ability to see the bigger picture is important, lest you get caught up in the details, and stumble at the first hurdle.. Life is not about right or wrong, it is about expansion. Your souls know this, even if you are unaware of this at the conscious level..

You are like a pristine gem, with many facets that you show to life. Each facet is an important part of the Whole,enough which could not exist without it.. Life has many faces, which are portals to other realms, allowing you to inter-face with them, to glean knowledge, the Knowledge of God, which can be found everywhere, as externalized wisdom.. Each facet has no more or less value than another. All are birthed from the Source of Life with infinite wisdom, limitless potential, and great Heart resonance..

The Divine Matrix is complete at every point, or interface, regardless of which face is being shown.. It is well to remember this, and not dwell upon difference.. Difference is the contrast of expansion, which lights the way at every step of your path. All else is separation consciousness, which will divide and lead you astray.. Focus upon the ONE Aspect, the unified Whole, which is more than enough for anyone.. Allow yourself to BE as you ARE. Your energy will then be freer to expand without the programs of judgement.. Let your I AM be Enough…