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I CHOOSE IMMORTALITY! This sounds like a strange and far fetched statement to make. But not so.

Many years ago I saw three people being interviewed on UK television. If my memory serves me well, there were two men and one woman. They announced to the interviewer, that they were Immortal, which he clearly found incredible, and didn’t really take them seriously.light beams 1

However it struck a chord deep within me, and resonated with my inner core Self. I had been attracted to Sci-Fi series like “The Champions”, staring Alexandra Bastedo, William Gaunt, and Stuart Damon, again two men and one woman, who were portrayed as being immortal and indestructible. Ironically my first address, the place where I had my Spiritual Birth, was Champion Close! I was also drawn to films such as Christopher Lambert’s “Highlander”. Clearly my Higher Self was showing or reminding me of a truth that my consciousness, surrounded by it’s veils, hadn’t yet fully grasped.

The last 33 years of Quantum changes have shown me much. I have discovered through revelation and the work that I’m now doing, that DNA, our cellular messenger, can be altered to change the way cells behave. NOTHING is fixed, rigid or predetermined, unless we choose it to be so. Our thought processes affect the functioning of our DNA, Science has proved this beyond doubt. So if we buy into the debilitating ideas of limitation, decay, disease and death, these will become our experiences. If however, on the other hand, we recognize that we are energy, which is fluid and malleable, we become Masters of our own Reality.

I am told that we are now at a point in our Evolution where we can consciously choose to experience either Death or Immortality. This is not science fiction, it is FACT. WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE?