The Kauna Light System originates from the Polaris Constellation, and the 5th Universe.. Its light is supremely powerful. It is being given to you at this time, for the purpose of expansion.. The powerful light codes will trigger enormous changes within your lightbody fields, shifting you easily into the different Merkabah stages..


This system was used extensively by Ancient civilizations, who had chosen the path of Ascension. Their ascension was consequently facilitated as a result of this..

It was also used in the temples of ‘Atlantis’, and is an energy of renewal, regeneration, and liberation!

The matrix codes can be downloaded, and will act as modules of light, which will run the programs of this matrix within you. When you are fully aligned with this Light Matrix, you will be able to transmit the codes to others..


This alignment will take place within six sessions/downloads. After this, your transmissions will contain all the necessary encodings, to attune others to this light… This certificated system can be passed to others who have a high light matrix ” Book your Light System Now! Price £250.

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