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The interface between your world and the higher dimensional realms, is achieved through communication. This communication is unlike the communication you use, it is a finer form, which exists within the magnetic spheres. A transference of information at the etheric level, between worlds. Atomic signals are sent forth into the ethers, containing a particular resonance, a heart resonance. Heart speaks to heart through this channel, connecting through the frequency of Love. These impulses from the Divine Heart, are taking place continually, providing openings for the expression of love. This is the way that planetary bodies communicate. You also have this facility, though rarely used by you, due to lack of information.

The seedling Universe is fully informed at all levels, and brings forth much wisdom and light. The light of the stars contains the information of love, shining forth brightly into all realms. The interplanetary communication is that of frequency exchange. The frequencies of light playing their tune in the divine harmonic, signalling their love to to each other. Each frequency is symbolic of love expressing itself through energy. Love is a quality, a characteristic of the nature of ‘Source’, inherent in all things, a constituent.

The pulsation of Source Light transmits these radiations, to the far corners of the galaxies, where they can be received and absorbed into the planetary matrix, bringing transformation to all species. Your own individual matrix is upgraded in this way, to accommodate the expansion process of Self. Many changes ensue from this process, those of a greater magnitude than you realize, or can comprehend. The workings of Life are intricately beautiful, sustaining all things…..