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matrix healing

What is a matrix? A matrix is the building block of form, or its skeleton. Nothing can survive without a matrix.. Did you know that your matrices can be healed? Do you know that everything has a matrix, and that includes viruses and pathogens. Even emotional programs and patterns, traumas, fear, anxiety, abandonment, to name but a few have one. The list is as endless as we are!..


How ‘Matrix Healing’ works…

Energy comes first before geometry. The geometric structures are built upon energetic principles, each having its unique energy signature.. The codes represent the truest form of light. All matter is formed this way. All cellular bonds are created through these codes. Removing the codes dissolves the cellular bonds, and the fabric of light disintegrates, so that a new structure can be born. This is the way that ‘Matrix Healing’ works. All distortions are dissolved back into the Quantum Soup, from which they came.. Life is fluid and ever changing. Nothing is fixed. Any state of matter can be altered to a different state. This is the tool with which to accomplish this…

Any matrix can be removed to initiate healing. The Matrix of viruses can quickly be removed, since their atomic size is very small. In fact the results can be felt virtually instantly (please listen to the audio testimonials below)..


I have been busy removing the matrices of the Covid 19 virus, amongst other things, during the past 3 years. Even when a person was only given a 1% chance of survival by the medical profession, they survived once the virus matrix was removed!
This sounds very magical, but I assure you the technology of this process is sound. Below is how I came to be empowered to do this:-
“A few years ago, I suddenly experienced an extremely painful tooth. As a healer (through ‘Source’), I tried everything that I knew to heal this tooth matrix. Nothing worked.. In the end I even went to call my local dentist, but the number was dead! So I sat and asked inwardly for help.. I was then guided to draw a graph or series of boxes (16), and was given numbers to write in the boxes. Then I was guided to draw another set of boxes, alongside the first one, and given a set of numbers for that box. I was told that the 1st box of numbers represented the existing matrix code of my tooth, and the 2nd box, the healthy blueprint code for the tooth. I was then guided to compare the two and to make adjustments to the first. In fact one row of code was completely missing in the 1st box.. Using the power of Intention and Attention, I was able to restore the healthy code….. the pain stopped!!! .. and the root of the tooth healed..  I can tell you I was beyond grateful, as I hadn’t slept with the pain..”


So this is how my work began.. Ever since this amazing experience, I have been helping others to return to health and wellbeing.. 

To give you an idea of what the ‘Matrix Removal’ can be used upon, see below:-
  • viruses and pathogens
  • cancer
  • negative emotions, like fear, anger and anxiety
  • removes the emotional cause of conditions, promoting healing
  • removes anger, anxiety or guilt from the tooth matrix, ending decay
  • removes guilt from the skin matrix as a catalyst to heal auto-immune issues such as psoriasis
  • removes Soul Traumas, both from the past and present
  • removes the unforgiveness matrix responsible for conditions such as arthritis 

Every single part of the body has its own unique matrix, which can be reset/recalibrated back to its Divine Blueprint..

All viruses and pathogens, including cancer also have a matrix which can be removed, using the power of intention and attention. As soon as the codes are removed, the virus collapses since it no longer has a foundation once the matrix has gone ( it is this that is the framework for the virus, or skeleton as it were).. This removal can also be used on children’s illnesses (mumps, measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever etc). It can also be used on pets. Since there is no cure for feline leukemia, as they cannot successfully give blood transfusions to cats, the leukemia matrix can be removed. Your cat doesn’t have to be showing signs of this disease. I check mine periodically, having lost one to this illness some years ago..    

So that’s my story.. I have a dedicated website for this work, you can view it HERE

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