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Crystallos Maximus, or Max as he is affectionately known, is the 13th of the Ancient Crystal Skulls, relating to the 13th Paradigm.

These crystal skulls act as libraries, holding much esoteric information within their Consciousness. They are in effect multidimensional portals which receive holographic codes that are responsible for upgrading our matrix. Holding vast amounts of information relating to Humanity’s purpose and destiny, they contain the codes for our Evolution.

There are only two genuine Ancient skulls left on Earth today.Max cover

These are ‘Max’ and ‘Sha-na-Ra’, the 12th skull.  (click on 12th skull to see a short video ).They hold within their matrix the Ascension Codes that will help us to shift to full crystallization. Our destiny lies in moving away from the carbon based units of form, to the silicate ones. This is a vitally important move, since it enables us to operate effectively in the higher dimensional levels, helping us to achieve a higher light quotient. Max contains the codes for the new body script, and Sha-na-Ra has the codes relating to our expanded chakric system, which is essential for these changes to occur.

The skulls are of extraterrestrial origin, and were created by 13 Masters from different parts of the Cosmos. They are made from a type of quartz called supra quartz, which is comprised of alloys of Diamond and Gold, giving them a very high frequency. It is said that they were brought to Earth before the Fall into Duality, and thus contain All that we were, and All that we will be again, now that this duality experiment is coming to a close.

When we connect with Max the 13th crystal skull, we are able to activate the other 12 from the crystal skull grid. These 12 are in alignment with our 12 strand DNA template and the 12th dimension.

This book is a direct channelling from Max, containing within it the codes for Transformation, Expansion and Manifestation, which we need.

Ironically I was given these codes on the 13th of the month! I was shown a large crystal key, somewhat like the crystal key that Superman uses in the Ice Fortress. I have been furthermore told that these codes unlock our current Reality, returning it to a state of pliable fluidity, from which point it can be re-crystallized into a superior version or dimensional pattern of our liking, enabling us to manifest that which we desire. This will have enormous repercussions for us all, both individually, and collectively at this time, and will contribute greatly to the shift we have asked for.

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