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Monatomic Healing the latest Exciting Healing Tool!

Monatomic Healing is a completely new healing energy that has now arrived on Earth!.. I am told that it will bring powerful healing to others, especially when given by remote transmission.. It can be likened to ‘Reiki Energy’ but somewhat more advanced..


The Monatomic Course consists of 13 separate energy downloads.. The first 12 downloads represent the 12 dimensions of ‘time and space’, the 12 chakras, the 12 Lightbody Levels, and the 12 DNA Strands. This represents all of our growth within the ‘Quanta’..


Beyond the ‘Quantum Field’ lies the 13th Paradigm, the ant-matter, pre-matter state. It can also be called the ‘first matter state’ or prima mattre. Hence the name Monatomic.  The 13th download aligns us with this level, and therefore works to move us out of frequency altogether..

One of the benefits of moving out of frequency are that we receive a new operating system, a higher/faster one. Our old chakra two way portal system becomes defunct. This means that lower dimensional beings/energies cannot connect with us, as they could do through the old system.. It is similar to upgrading our computers to a more advanced operating system, one that serves us better and is future proofed..  


Since this is as yet in its infancy, only the energy itself can be given to another. Eventually as we evolve to hold more light, we will be able to pass the Course downloads to others too..

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