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“Your consciousness fields are expressions of light, that appear to transform and morph into new realities. These realities are an illusion of time and space, and should be recognized as such..

However the frequency fields are now merging to form one whole unit. Thus it will become necessary to integrate the other frequencies of your Being, en route to this wholeness.

The first integration will be your 5D energy matrix of form. The Earth herself has shifted into this phase of the program, and is already vibrating at this frequency. This is causing considerable discomfort to some of you, as the gap widens between your frequency and hers. Unless the gap is narrowed, your souls will not be able to hold the light that they were meant to hold, whilst still embodied, and will have to seek habitation elsewhere in the Universe.

Other worlds exist to accommodate this potentiality. So all is not lost for those who choose the slower path of evolution. The choice is yours. As always, you have free will to decide what you will……………”

There is a message from a non-dimensional Higher Light Being, who connects with me now. It is encoded into a video, the codes of which he/they infused into it, they are designed to align us with the golden 5D crystalline matrix…. Please subscribe to my Vimeo channel to watch/download.. enjoy!