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This is what Max, the 13th Ancient Crystal Skull says about our Solar Expression …

“The Solar Lightbody is a new life form, woven from the purest strands of etheric light, containing within it’s interdimensional matrix, the geometries of pure potential and radiant light. It has a Phi factor which is expressed through it’s codes, representing the Divine ratio of life.

This Divine Body is the penultimate body, before your re-emergence with the ‘One’. It’s light codes surpass those of the Diamond Lightbody, for it is made from the purest Solar Light. The emergence of this Lightbody will be a rare event initially, since few are ready to experience it’s treasures. Many are not yet aligned with the Diamond Lightbody of Creation. This must come first as an evolutionary stage of growth for you all, before you can move into Solar expression.

Your light vehicles are undergoing many changes in frequency, taking you to new heights. A change in the matrices is fundamental to the reinstatement of your higher lightbodies. As the process continues, a major overhaul will take place within your systems, upgrading them frequently with new codes of light, which are designed to form new templates for the lightbodies. Changes will continue at a rate of knots, now that the higher dimensional light is upon you. These are new beginnings for you all.

Recalibrating your matrix is an essential part of the process of change for you all. Alignment issues will occur from time to time, as you identify with solar lightdifferent aspects of yourself throughout this process of change, taking your experience of Self to new levels. The journey is a spiral one comprising of many parts, driven by the engine of change. The Cosmic Lattice is renewed continually through the spectrum of light, integrating new elements within itself. Spectral changes increase the diversity of manifested expression for the Whole, elevating it to new frequencies. The Vehicle of Light is one such manifestation, whose expression changes within the fields of light, moving through different layers of density as it journeys Home.”

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