A few years ago one of my clients told me about a healer Elizabeth Stewart, who was channeling healing codes from Diana.. That night I remember thinking to myself “It must be nice to have your work endorsed by a celebrity”… As I thought this, suddenly an energy came into my room. This being announced itself as Diana’s Higher Multidimensional Aspect.. Strangely the energy felt male rather than female..

Princess Diana

I was given a code, and was told that this light code works at the subatomic level to release our greatest Heart block.. My guidance was to infuse this into a silver pendant. So I had some custom made, and put them on my website..

When I was looking for a name for the pendants, I suddenly saw Princess Diana on the TV leaving what looked like a gym. The word above was ‘Wellbeing’, so I called the pendants ‘Wellbeing Pendants’… They were popular, and everyone who used them gave me very positive feedback on their experiences from wearing them.. In fact she told me that the Heart opening that this code brings, is profound, creating a new ‘Heart Matrix’..  

Alas I no longer have them, but I’ve been prompted to offer the Healing Code as an energy download.. You can find this Here 

Princess Diana was known as ‘The Queen of Hearts’.. Everything that happens to us is registered within the Heart, throughout Eternity. It is vital for our health and wellbeing that we heal our hearts!…         

Princess Di’s Heart Healing