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Pure Lightstream:

This Pure Lightstream will transform everything that it touches to ‘Light’… It is also given to facilitate matrix changes, which will move you from 3D to 5D.. Those who are already aligned with 5D will move to 6D or higher, depending upon where they are vibrating…

This Pure Light operates beyond the Plasma Light, which you can find here, and is the most powerful to date..

Light stream sessions are currently priced at £30.. Book yours below.. 

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“Thank you very much.. There was a very deep integration of energies overall but specifically noticeable on my left side, which indicates easy integration of the RECEPTIVE part of the Lightbody. There was such a deep levels of Full-body relaxation like I was falling asleep yet at the same time I was consciously awake and aware of my thoughts at the same time.”…J.Rios