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The infinite nature of mind, gives full functionality to the Soul. It expands our awareness into the ‘field of light’, and beyond, into our core Self.. This awareness has many dimensional levels, for this is what a dimension truly is, nothing more than a state of awareness..

As quantum beings of multilateral thinking, you are unable to shift your thought processes, to the multidimensional frequencies, without a huge expansion of Self.. This comes when you break through the quantumbarrier into the spiritual plane of existence. Outside and inside forces cooperate to bring about these shifts, to break through the walls of consciousness, that keep you vibrating at a lower frequency..

These shifts occur at stages on your lateral timeline, abruptly and spontaneously moving you off the timeline, and into another reality.. You are now being presented with the opportunity to make one of these shifts. Heaven and Earth are beginning to move in synchronization, giving you the chance to make a Quantum Leap in your evolution. These changes are coming in the form of impulses from the Divine Mind, that stretch your souls, to make space for the new data and new capability.. The revolution is already underway, and its principles underpinning the new reality. Forces are moving in your favour, to help you to increase your light. All that is required , is that you come into alignment with these forces, in order to benefit from this transformation…